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  • I recently had an issue with a plugin that runs a wordpress cron. Up until recently it appeared to work fine. When I investigated further the cron was no longer in the list of scheduled cron jobs. My investigation took me to the function wp_schedule_event in cron.php, I found that this function was not getting past the code

    if ( !isset( $schedules[$recurrence] ) )
    		return false;

    now the value of $recurrence was ‘daily’ which is one of the standard values. I also discover in my debug that the function wp_schedule_update_checks() in update.php was being repeatedly called and each of the calls to wp_schedule_event() was running into the same issue I was having with my plugin.
    Drilling further I went to the function wp_get_schedules() in cron.php
    In that function it sets up the variable $schedules with the default recurrences then has the following line

    return array_merge( apply_filters( 'cron_schedules', array() ), $schedules );

    The returned merged array is empty for some reason hence if statement above fails. If I change the above line to


    it works and even wp_schedule_update_checks() is successful. Though it means any custom schedules will not work.
    If someone can explain what is happening or if this is a bug I would be grateful.

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