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  • I keep seeing this error at the bottom of my site (i do have debugging on) its telling me to look at line 3658. and its fills most of my debug.log file. however when looking at that line, it looks like its just a message? is there a reason its still in? even without plugins installed i see the message so i dont think anything is using the deprecated get_user, do i need to do something to remove it or should i be worried about it causing any problems?


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  • What error? Site URL? Some detail will be useful.


    sites here :

    each time i refresh im getting different files not being loaded.
    cant seem to find a route to take to fix this either as i have tried changing the theme, disabling all the plugins, ive contacted my host provider and changed the memory limits, they say the server is fine.
    replaced wordpress admin and include files with a clean install.
    only error message in the debug is that get_current_user but it was working before with that error message, not sure if thats suddenly now become and issue.any help to try would be greatly appreciated as im kind of running out of options to try.

    Search your theme + plugins for occurrences of get_currentuserinfo() which is deprecated.

    Thanks Nicholas but I’m still missing the error. Can you cut and paste the exact error that you’re seeing in debug?

    Also, you talk about different files not loading. Which files? Can you give examples?

    I’m confused as your last message (files not loading) would suggest your site isn’t working correctly but there was no mention of this at the beginning. Can you clarify this?


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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