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  • chiconerd


    Hi, I am having some troubles with this function.
    I have a index page that only show the post, i wanted to show an image also so i added an image form the admin panel.

    when I use $Img = wp_get_attachment_image($post->ID); nothing happens Img is empty.
    however, if I use the_content() in the loop it shows the image.
    so i know the image is working, the question is why can’t i retrieve it individual?
    i have also used <?php $image = wp_get_attachment_image_src($post->ID); ?> with the same results.

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  • ioni


    Depends on the version of WP you are using.

    My function for that looks like the following:

    //get the post attachments
    	$attachments = get_children($att_array);
    	//make sure there are attachments
    	if (is_array($attachments)){
    		//loop through them
    		foreach($attachments as $att){
    			//find the one we want based on its characteristics
    			if ( $att->menu_order == 0){
    				$image_src_array = wp_get_attachment_image_src($att->ID, $size);
    				//get url - 0 - url; 1 and 2 are the x and y dimensions
    				$url = $image_src_array[0];
    				$caption = $att->post_excerpt;

    If you check ioni2 you would see it in action



    I am using the latest virsion 2.8.
    and that did not work, it says missing files.
    i went back and used the content to make sure the files are there, and they are.

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