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  • geem42


    (I’m actually on version 3.0.3, but that’s not an option)

    So I am trying to make a custom theme. Up until this point, everything has been working great.

    I have a header.php, footer.php, index.php, as well as page.php and I have even taken advantage of category-x.php

    In my header.php (which IS being included just fine with
    <?php get_header(); ?>
    I have wp_head(); which seems to work great, all the support links / js that the plugins need is loaded.

    In my footer (which, again, is definitely being included) I have
    <?php wp_footer(); ?>

    Now, I loaded the default theme, and I viewed the generated source code in my web browser. With the default “Twenty Ten 1.1” theme, it does in fact insert the necessary <div>’s for the plugins to work.

    I even went as far as to copy the identical <?php block from the default theme and pasted it into my footer.php immediately before the </body> tag.

    On my theme NOTHING HAPPENS. When I check the generated source code in my browser, nothing is inserted and the plugins break, yet, the rest of the footer appears just fine.

    I’m stumped and frustrated. Help :/

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  • Root


    What do u think it should be doing ?



    Well, I have the “nextgen-gallery” plugin installed, which works fine on the default “Twenty-Ten” theme.

    When you click on a picture thumbnail, it should pop-up in a lightbox.

    When I check the header section of both my theme and the Twenty-Ten theme, the wp_head(); properly includes all support files for the nextgen plugin. However, when I click thumbnails in my theme, it just opens the picture in a new page, instead of a light box.

    I suspect that the wp_footer() includes what’s missing, because if I right-click -> inspect element (in Google Chrome) the lightbox source code appears right before </body> on the working site.

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