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  • i have two webhosts – webhost A and webhost B – and WP_filesystem has issues with both.

    Webhost A
    I have SSH/SFTP access but the ssh2 extension is not installed. Also, although I don’t have FTP access, the ftp extension is installed (presumably so that I might connect to other FTP servers). As a consequence, all I’m prompted for are FTP settings that don’t exist. In this particular case, a pure-PHP implementation of SFTP would be helpful. In fact, after doing a Google search, I’ve found such an implementation:

    If WordPress could include this, that would be very helpful. WordPress already includes a pure-PHP implementation of FTP that doesn’t require the ftp extension, so this is not without precedent.

    Webhost B
    I do not have an SSH account but the ssh2 extension is installed. I do, however, have an FTP account, but because WordPress doesn’t let you pick and chose which method you want to use, I can’t use it. WordPress is only prompting me for SFTP information and I believe it should instead be asking you which method you want to use – not auto-detect it.

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  • I would suggest just paying for hosting. Many hosting companies provide fantastico which has wordpress. All you do is enter your username / password the location to install and click and boom installed. That’ll give you ftp access and the whole nine yards instead of trying to fart around with a free hosting company and getting no where.

    If it’s your own personal website, switching to a different host is easy enough, but in these cases, it’s not my own personal website – it’s a website that I, in one case, am doing for my employer, and, in another case, a website I’m working on for a client. They want to control the servers on which their website is hosted and don’t want to spend the time to actually customize them any more than they already have. It’s annoying as hell, but it is what it is and there’s not much I can do about it.

    Besides, WordPress already partially caters to people with less than ideal webhosts. A good webhost would have the ftp extension installed, for example, yet WordPress includes a pure-PHP implementation of FTP to cater to those who don’t have a good webhost all the same. Why not do the same thing for SFTP? Or maybe you think WordPress should remove it’s pure-PHP FTP implementation and tell those who were using that feature to screw themselves? Hell – at that point, you might as well make WordPress installations quit prematurely if the server isn’t running the latest version of Suhosin and the latest PHP 5.3 release candidate. If it takes your webhost two days to upgrade, your WordPress installation will be down for two days! Wheee!!!

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