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  • These lines which I’m not using in my own plugin…


    conflict with this code below which creates a simple jQuery UI button and it is causing a lot of users problems. Fixing it will make plenty people happy so I’m under pressure in the email inbox, as always…

    function csv2post_jquery_button(){?>
            $(function() {
                $( "button, input:submit, a", ".jquerybuttoncsv2post" ).button();
                $( "a", ".jquerybuttoncsv2post" ).click(function() { return false; });
    function csv2post_formend_standard($buttontitle = 'Submit',$buttonid = 'notrequired'){
        if($buttonid == 'notrequired'){
            $buttonid = 'csv2post_notrequired';
            $buttonid = $buttonid.'_formbutton';
        <br />
        <div class="jquerybuttoncsv2post">
            <button id="<?php echo $buttonid;?>"><?php echo $buttontitle;?></button>

    Does anyone have any ideas why this might be happening?

    Any plugin installed along side my own that uses the wp-pointer script causes my plugins interface to break down totally. jQuery Tabs, dialog and buttons all fail.

    Thank you for any insight and suggestions.

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  • Sorry I should re-phrase this.

    The scripts loaded obviously conflict. Just wondering if anyone has run into it before. My plugin loads the very latest .js files from Google and does it properly.

    Yet it would seem my plugin is still the one at fault considering wp-pointer is WordPress core and I’m sure there are plenty other plugins using jQuery UI buttons that work just fine.

    Wordfence Security and CSV 2 POST are the two plugins on here that conflict.

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