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  • A few days ago I asked this question (

    Today I started building a new website in wich I copied the code of my plugin used at the website from my previous question.

    And I was surprised when I saw that the exact same code that was bugging at my previous website is working perfectly fine in the new website I’m building.

    For the people who did not read my previous topic:
    At my another website WP_editor is opening in the ‘Plain text’ field. I can type there and use options like Bold, Italic etc. As soon I switch to the Visual tab, my text is deleted just as all the options.
    All I see is a blanco tab wich cannot be edited.

    The code I’m using to display the editor:

    add_action( 'edit_page_form', 'content' );
                            array( 'textarea_name' => 'content' )

    Is someone familiar with this problem or someone who knows a solutions for this?
    Thanks in advance!

    I’m getting the following errors while pressing the editor:

    GET 404 (Not Found) wp-tinymce.php:1
        Failed to load: wp-tinymce.php:1
        GET 404 (Not Found) wp-tinymce.php:1
        Failed to load:

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    Looking at the code from your previous question again, the only thing I see that is unusual is your choice of handle for registering your script. Try something more unique. The ordinary nature of ‘jquery.js’ could be causing a name collision.

    Is the nl.js file that was not found truly missing? Should there be such a file there? If no, why is the script looking there? The answers may indicate where to start looking for where things have gone wrong.

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