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  • I’m writing a plugin that uses the wp_editor() outside of the admin interface. I’d like to use the After the Deadline plugin in this editor, but I’m not having much luck. Is this even possible, am I wasting my time?

    This is my settings array for wp_editor(). I’ve commented out the ‘plugins’ => ‘AtD’ as the editor breaks with it uncommitted.

    $settings = array(
                    'wpautop' => 'true',
                    'media_buttons' => 'false', // this does not work
                    'quicktags' => 'false',
                    'teeny' => 'false',
                    'apply_source_formatting' => 'true',
                    'textarea_rows' => '15',
                    'textarea_name' => 'response',
                    'tinymce' => array(
                        //'plugins' => 'AtD',
                        'atd_button_url' => 'atdbuttontr.gif',
                        'atd_rpc_url' => admin_url() . 'admin-ajax.php?action=proxy_atd&url=',
                        'atd_ignore_rpc_url' => admin_url() . 'admin-ajax.php?action=atd_ignore&phrase=',
                        'atd_rpc_id' => 'WPORG-' . md5(get_bloginfo('wpurl')),
                        'atd_css_url' => 'css/content.css',
                        'atd_show_types' => 'Bias Language,Cliches,Complex Expression,Diacritical Marks,Double Negatives,Hidden Verbs,Jargon Language,Passive voice,Phrases to Avoid,Redundant Expression',
                        'atd_ignore_strings' => 'AtD,rsmudge',
                        'atd_ignore_enable' => 'true',
                        'atd_strip_on_get' => 'true',
                        'theme_advanced_buttons1_add' => 'AtD',
                        'gecko_spellcheck' => 'false',
                        'atd_theme' => 'wordpress'
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  • I think I figured this out. I needed to install the AtD TinyMCE plugin into WordPress’s TinyMCE plugins folder.

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