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    I am trying to used wp_dropdown_pages in a form in the admin page of my plugin. The idea is to use it to select the page where a widget will be displayed.

    I have this working, the dropdown shows up where it is supposed to and works functionally.

    '              <tr><th><label>Game Results Widget Page</label></th>' . "\n" .
      '                  <td>' .wp_dropdown_pages(array('name'=>'bbnuke_plugin_option_game_results_page','selected'=>"$game_results_page")) . "\n" .
      '                  </td>' . "\n" .
      '              </tr>' . "\n" .

    the problem is, that is shows up as a duplicate in other parts of the page. I have verified that all the tags are closed. If I build a dropdown menu manually there are no problems, only when using wp_dropdown_pages.

    Am I using wp_dropdown_pages incorrectly? Can someone tell me exactly what it is returning? I am assuming it is <select><options….></select>.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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