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  1. frankly
    Posted 9 years ago #

    (the one by Ryan Duff)

    Guess I need Help with the php,

    because I'm not familiar enough with the syntax and stuff.

    No #1
    my (wrong )phone-verification, looks like this:

    if (!ereg($_POST['wpcf_phone']))('^([0-9])+([_-/]){16})$', ($_POST['wpcf_phone']))) {
    $ok = false; $reason = 'empty';

    Do YOU know how to write?

    And here's No #2:

    As sort of an anti spam tool, I put in a
    select list on top, where the selectet value is
    Now if its value is neither 'Mr.' nor 'Ms.' but 'choose' at submit,
    it shouldn't let it roll.

    if (($_POST['wpcf_your_title']) == "Choose: ") {
    $ok = false; $reason = 'empty';

    Here's the whole ...php.txt file

    Who knows and writes it down here ?
    Thanks here, Frank

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