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  • Hi there,

    I’m using WP_Alchemy with custom post types and have the following problem and I’m sure it’s possible but I don’t know how.

    I have a custom post type called persons. In the person post there are different meta like “job”, “title”, “name”, “telephone” and so on. I am able to get those infos on a single template to work.
    Let’s say a person post has the perma ID “bruce-wayne” now.

    Now I have a different page like “Superheroes”. It has some contents and so on. It has a metabox named “identify” where I want to enter which person I need to show on that page. I enter the meta “identify” with “bruce-wayne”.

    So the template of the superheroes page should be like this.

    global $mb_person;
    $meta = $mb_person->the_meta();
    <?php $mb_person->the_value('name'); ?>
    <?php $mb_person->the_value('job'); ?>

    But how can I get these to use the post type persons and the ID of “bruce-wayne” for some metaboxes?


    global $mb_heroes;
    $ident = $mb_heroes->the_value('identify'); 
    global $mb_person;
    /* get the value 'XY' of the ID set in $ident */
    <?php $mb_person->the_value('name', $ident); ?>
    <?php $mb_person->the_value('job, $ident'); ?>

    Do you understand what I mean? I want the post “Superheroes” to show me the metadata of a variable person I set in a metabox $identify

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