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  • I had a previous version of my site on a live server. I pulled down a copy and continued to work on it locally. Im at a point I would like to push it back up to the live server, so the live site is in sync with my local site.

    I removed my database, and my wp-content, wp-admin and wp-includes folders from my host server.

    I then exported my database from my local install. Created a database on my live server and imported the tables to the new database.

    I then changed the siteurl and home options in the table from localhost over to my web address.

    I then went and uploaded a fresh install of wordpress, ( wp-content, wp-includes and wp-admin folders) to my sites FTP.

    I reconfigured the wp-config.php file to reflect the new database name, the mysql username, password and used default wordpress table prefix of wp_.

    I direct my self to the site , and all I get is a blank page with a server error.

    If I change the table prefix to something else like ‘wp1_’ wordpress then runs a fresh install and installs new tables into the database, and does not carry over any of my posts. All of my plugins are deactivated as well. Why would my plugins transfer, but my posts not.

    an even better question is why isnt ‘wp_’ as a table prefix working to pull information from my database. This should be extremely simple, but of course I can’t migrate the site. What am I doing wrong.

    My local install was on a ‘wp_’ table prefix.

    -Installed fresh version of WordPress
    -Transferred old database
    -Edited wp_config.php to reflect new db name, new user name etc.
    -‘Server Error’ when going to the site.

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  • If you’re getting a server error like that, and not the install screen as you do when you change the database prefix, then it’s a config problem with your server somewhere. The best way to debug that is to set define('WP_DEBUG', true); in your wp-config.php file so that you can see the error messages that are being generated. You should also look at the error log on yoru server to see what’s in there. Doing those two things should give you all the information that you need to get your problem fixed.

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