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  • An odd ghosting image is placed inside the WYSIWYG on one of my websites after the 3.3.1 upgrade (screenshot). The website uses rather extensive custom WYSIWYG CSS. To reproduce it, I need to scroll with the mouse wheel inside the WYSIWYG container to the extent that the WYSI scrolling hits its limit and the outer page scrolling begins. When the later transverses the admin bar, a ghost image is left inside the WYSI. You can “erase” the ghost by simple scrolling “manually”, ie dragging the browser scrollbars.

    It doesn’t occur on another one of my websites which doesn’t use custom styles in the WYSIWYG.

    This appears to be a Chrome re-painting bug to me – though brought about by the custom editor CSS and whatever changes WP made in 3.3.

    Any ideas how I can fix this issue? What changes did WP make to the editor’s custom styles?

    Hari Karam Singh

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