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    I exported my blog from blogger and they changed it to XML.
    I imported the resulting file to a test WP3.0b1 install.
    This went well. Careful checking showed that it appears all my stuff came across.
    Some users did test comments and I created some test pages and posts.
    All was working fine.
    I upgraded to WP3.0b2 and this appeared to go well.
    There were:
    Posts: 985 published
    Posts: 423 drafts
    Pages: 9
    Comments: 6,952
    Life is good in WP land.
    I exported all of my blog from WP3.0b2 to an XML file#2.
    I created another WP3.0b2 install on another server.
    I imported the XML file#2 to my second WP3.0b2 install.
    There are:
    Posts: 906 published
    Posts: 317 drafts
    Pages: 9
    Comments: 6,218
    Life is not so good in WP Land. A lot of posts and comments were lost. Since the import from blogger worked fine I suspect that the problem is on the export side. But I did change from 3.0b1 to 3.0b2 between those imports so no guarantees.

    Appears to be a bug in import.

    These are test sites. Let me know if I you need more details.

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  • I’ve found another problem with the exporter in 3.0b2. It is stripping my code from posts and modifying other code. Naughty. For example, I had:

    <center><img src="" /><small><i>Foam Insulation Inside Forms</i></small></center>

    On exporting WP changed my post to look like this:

    <img src="" alt="" /><br />
    <em>Foam Insulation Inside Forms</em>

    It stripped my HTML center and changed my i (italic) to em. I like i better. It also stripped my small tags. This does not give the same look to my pages. I want my pictures centered, my subtitles in smaller type and italicized. The export should not be stripping code.

    Another bug. 🙁

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    I can’t speak for why (I suggest opening a ticket in trac) but just as a general note, I is deprecated, and you should be using EM to fit current standards. Same with center, which should be done via CSS instead.

    I’ve sent Glenn A. copies of files and perhaps he’ll be able to see what is happening.

    Doing an import again appears to have brought in all of the posts, pages, drafts and comments. Duplicates were noted and ignored. I’m having other problems but that’s a different issue and I think I know how to solve those. I’m bleeding on the razor’s edge. 🙂

    Thanks for the help!

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