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  • I installed W3TC and got the blank admin screen. So I removed it and deactivated all other plugins, then re-installed W3TC. So far everything OK.

    I then reactivated the other plug ins one by one. The blank admin screen re-appeared as soon as I activated Contact Form 7. It’s clearly some conflict between those two plugins.

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  • I have both running fine. Which versions do you have. I have Contact Form 7 Version 2.3.1 and W3 Total Cache Version

    I’ve enabled both without any problem. Check the error log or your php error log why it is crashing (maybe memory issue’s ?).

    and again, works fine here!

    …and one more happy user of both. Is the source code of the page blank as well? Or is it just the browser rendering?

    I had this problem as well but I don’t think it was linked to w3-total-cache, when I had it I found it happened when I upgraded to WP 3.0.1 and had the updated Contact form (2.3.1 I believe). Weird thing is it happened on 1 site but not on my others (I currently use all plugins on 4 sites) I was able to get it functioning by downgrading contact form 7 and getting that working and then turning all plugins on one at a time to make sure there was no trouble.

    Sorry I cannot be much more help than this.

    Anyone else have any experiences?

    Everything us up to date in terms of plugins.

    Given what people are saying, I also tried deleting both plugins then installing W3TC first. When I then re-installed and activated Contact Form 7, I got the white screen of death again.

    So far I can tell the Total Cache and Contat Form plugins just don’t want to work together on my installation.

    For the record, I am running these plugins:

    Contact Form 7
    Google XML Sitemaps
    Hybrid Hook
    Widget Logic (which I might be able to remove)

    The site is using the Hybrid theme with a custom child theme and running on a Rackspace cloud. As I say, everything is up to date and running on WP3.01.

    I really want W3TC as I intend moving content to a CDN. So I may abandon Contact Form 7. I’m scanning contact form plugins to see what alternative there is but I may have to upgrade to Gravity Forms.

    PS I doubt it makes a difference but WP is installed in a sub-folder not the blog root.

    @katephiz do you have errors in your error log?




    Let me append a bit on this thread, cause I ve been experiencing similar problems. And I do believe that W3 Total Cache really is the best option out there. It currently just has some issues with WP 3.0 ( I am running 3.0.4 ).

    A ran into white screens in combination with the plugins below:
    – SI Captcha Anti Spam
    – Fast Secure Contact Form
    – Custom Contact Form
    – Google Anlytics for WordPress

    After deciding to delete these plugins rather then W3 Total Cache I finally ended up with a sitewide 500 error when tweaking the performance settings. This error pertained even after deleting the total cache files and only a revert to a site backup solved the problem. ( unfortunately I don’t have a clue what setting triggered this )

    To sum it up:
    – Deleting the files works in most occasions
    – The perfomance settings can cause problems outside the w3tc files
    – There still is a W3TC folder on my server which I am unable to delete

    Hope this helps in any manner.



    I like Formidable for contact forms. I am using it along with W3TC w/o any issues.

    No idea what are you talking about here people, I’m running more than a hundred of projects with W3TC now, each of them have many different plugin combinations, different wordpress and plugin versions. So far I can testify that Contact Form 7, SI Captcha Anti Spam and Google Anlytics for WordPress do not cause any kinds of problems running together with W3TC. And they never did to my knowledge and from my personal experience, therefore your problems are most probably caused my something else.

    Thanks @pokeraffz. For anyone else, please submit bug submission forms if they’re still having issues with the latest release.

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