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  • Tomica


    Hi all.

    Has anyone noticed that WP3.0 doesn’t support Unicode for many important fields? It is by my opinion a major regression comparing to previous versions – it is impossible to save non-ascii Site title, non-ascii Tag line, non-ascii admin user name and non-ascii menu items! Specifically, I’m trying to use Cyrillic script.

    I’m afraid this makes 3.0 completely useless in any language other than English.

    Any ideas? Suggestions?

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  • We haven’t changed anything in WordPress 3.0 that should affect this as far as I know.

    If you have clear reproductive steps on a clean new install of WordPress 3.0 then please raise a ticket in trac so we can investigate and fix.



    westi thank you for your reply.

    Actually, I did try to submit a bug ticket, but couldn’t find my way around on trac. That’s why I posted a thread here.

    Apparently, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a bug. Only yesterday I tied out Serbian localized installation of WordPress which appeared to not have such issue with Unicode. So perhaps it has something to do with my particular installation, although it exested on all pre-final versions and on both a local server and a remote host.

    I’ll try some work arounds for some more time and post here if I get something more on this.

    Hey yes, im too having problems. Im sure the installation are 100% correct but it dosen’t read any languages except English. it shows as ???? it was working before, but not on new installations.

    Any idea as how to fix this?

    Aagh! I allowed my blog and my podcast (two different domains on two different hosts) to upgrade to 3. I deliberately waited a few days in the hopes major bugs would be ironed out. Now I find all non-Roman characters become ?????? on posting, though they show fine in the editing window.

    This is like the problems I had at the start before I learned on setup to go into MySQL and change the collocation tables to UTF8. BUT I do not want to mess with the database now that there are hundreds of posts there.

    Does anyone have help to offer?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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