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  • Hey so I disabled the wysiwyg in my admin user account then when I login to another site in my configuration with the admin account it shows the editor still active across all sites even my main root site.

    any ideas on how to fix this ? just for this account i still want other accts to have access to the wysiwyg editor

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  • Unfortunately, the visual editor setting is set on a site-by-site basis within a multi-site network, there is no way to make that change globally without using some sort of plugin.

    But you know, even if you leave the WYSIWYG on, there is a tab that appears above the content area that says “HTML” — just click that and you’ll have the same plaintext editor that you know and love. I’d recommend just doing that, it saves you the trip to your user options on all those sites just to uncheck that checkbox.

    Ya I went in on every site and try-ed to disable the WYSIWYG but it still shows up no matter what….

    reason I want to disable the editor is because im using exec plugin to run php code then everytime i edit it the code gets messed up due to the editor formatting the code.

    Your Profile–> Visual Editor “Disable the visual editor when writing”

    Checking the box for rich_editing on the user profile page changes it for the user meta. user_meta globals follow you from blog to blog and are loaded when you log in. Changing from blog to blog makes no difference as you’ll be editing the same user profile each time anyway. If the value isn’t being saved on your profile page, then there is something else wrong.

    the $current_user global contains the rich_editing flag.


    I agree with webmacster87, just toggle between the two while editing posts. If you can’t toggle betwixt Visual/HTML then there is something else amiss.



    I have this problem too. It seems that WP 3.0 dont have it anymore? the

    Your Profile–> Visual Editor “Disable the visual editor when writing”

    Dont work. Instead I only see the option:

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    No it’s still there.

    You may have a plugin causing a conflict.


    Yeah, i finally found it out. Its my plugin “headspace”. It somewhat “remove” the option from the normal location to its own settings.. Just go to Headspace > site modules and check the “disable visual editing” and it will work.

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