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  • Hi all,

    – I set up a 3.0 site on a local server, using “localhost” as base of URL, works fine
    – I changed the url on the Settings panel, using name of machine instead of “localhost”
    – background image reference, and post image references, still have “localhost” in URLs

    Something’s not being updated properly? Or am I missing some step?


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  • If you have stuff set to “localhost” and then try to view the site from another machine, things will definitely not work as expected nor desired.

    Do keep in mind that everything machine thinks that its name is localhost. Thus, images won’t be found since the machine you’re viewing from is looking for images on itself…

    So, for your testing, either do all your viewing from the machine hosting the site or change the URLs under General Settings to be resolvable DNS names.

    Yes, I understand. In fact, that’s what showed the problem – when I changed the address in the settings pane from ‘localhost’ to something resolvable, not everything changed – the background image kept ‘localhost’ in its URL, as did any image in a page. Seems to me that if the URL of the site is changed, all references to media should change too. Interestingly, the URLs for thumbnails returned by ‘get_the_post_thumbnail’ did change properly.


    At Settings -> General there are two URLs — did you change both to a DNS name?

    I did. Tried with both a resolvable name, and the ip address of the host, with the same results.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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