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  • … at least, that appears to be the case. I’m not sure *what* I’ve done to my WP 2.0 install — it was running fine for a while there — but now I am only serving up blank pages.

    I can get a page to display if I delete my wp-content/cache directory, but once new cache files have been created, it serves nothingness again.

    Anyone with an understanding of the new caching system have insight or advice?

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  • Aha! I found Podz’ post of instructions on disabling the cache and added a line to my wp-config.php My site is being served once again.

    Not a long-term solution — obviously I managed to break something — but it works in the short term.

    What happens if you set the permission of wp-content/cache to 000 (i.e. no access to anyone)? This will either lead WordPress to frustration or just have it give up on cache altogether.

    In WP2.0, there are two levels of cache: one is memory cache and, failing that, it uses disk cache. I am not sure that the former case has yet been incorporated though.

    Don’t seem to be able to chmod /cache. The directory is owned by apache and it’s not my box. As I say, I’ve got the blog working at the moment by defining DISABLE_CACHE as true… my concern now is to learn what I might have done to cause the problem in the first place.

    If you don’t get high levels of traffic, not do you serve large (CPU-greedy) pages, that shouldn’t be a concern. Especially, if your host has a good average load, you should worry much about cache. Let it be.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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