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  • I just installed wp2pdf and can’t access it from the browser. I am using permalinks but since the documentation only refers to wp 1.2 and nothing about 1.5 I’m hesitant about making all the changes it recommends.

    The WP2PDF forum on sourceforge is dead, a few posts with help requests and no replies. The website of thewalrus who seems to have written a lot of supporting docs, is gone.

    Does the setup for 1.2 still work for 1.5?

    Are there newer docs?

    Any alternatives?

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  • Here is a little thingus that converts RSS feeds into PDF files


    That’s pretty cool except that it brands itself all over your pdf. An awful lot of branding for such a small service. The scariest part is that it puts the author’s copyright notice at the bottom of the PDF without any other indication that the copyright notice is for the tool used to produce the PDF and not the document itself (imagine if Adobe put its logo and copyright Adobe on every PDF!).

    Is there something like this that isn’t so possessive?



    I’m using WP 1.5.2 and wp2pdf 0.4 and can’t get it to work properly. It seems to have a problem with hyperlinks, as in the output pdf, there are a number of line breaks inserted before them and between the words they consist of, if more than one. If I turn hyperlink output off, the problem is the same, and the links are no longer underlined and blue, but still function as links.

    Some documents only appear half in the pdf.

    Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I wouldn’t know what. I just upgraded to WP 1.5.2 and didn’t change any critical files, and my code is valid.

    Any advice on this or an alternative tool would be great…

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