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    The new version is out.
    Try it out, it’s much more usable than in the first release. There are many many new features.
    WP2PDF is now Open Source Software and licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
    New functions
    – Setup form is protected by username/password (no need for a .htaccess file anymore)
    – Graphics can be turned off (GIFs can be turned off individually to prevent incompatibilities with GD 1.6)
    – Table of contents can be generated (if bookmarks are turned on)
    – Security functions integrated (you can now disable text copying in the PDF, protect them with a password, disallow printing etc.)
    – GIFs/PNGs will automatically be converted to JPEG and integrated in the PDF (if graphics are turned on)
    – Hyperlinks can be turned off and hyperlink colors can be changed
    – Page header/footer can be integrated
    – Page number and total number of pages can be displayed in the footer
    – Single “title” page on the beginning on the PDF can be displayed
    – Text of the info bar can be easily changed (including variables)
    – Comments can be included
    – PDF file can be compressed with gzip and downloaded (rather than displayed via a plugin in the browser)
    – Support for “blockquote” integrated
    – Page background color can be changed
    – Watermark (image in the background of each page) can be integrated
    – Full support for curly quotes and various special HTML characters
    Changes/improvements of existing functions
    -Info bar placement can be changed
    – Text colors can be changed.
    – Lots of colors. Everywhere.
    – “Do not display [Title/Info bar/Content/Date]” moved from the alignment setting to its own section
    – Overall improvement of the configuration.
    – Improved text rendering
    – All options are fully configurable
    – Fixed a big big text rendering bug (there were small indentations all over the text)
    – Various small bugfixes.

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  • Just found an error. If you get the message that ‘wp-blog-header.php’ couldn’t be found, change the line
    in the file ‘wp2pdf.php’ to
    I’ve already corrected and uploaded a new file, so this is just necessary if you get the error message.

    Awesome! Thanks.

    Thanks!!! It’s great!!! (under construction)

    I use the < more > tag on my posts so the index page is not cluttered with text. So when i go to …/wp2pdf.php?showposts=n i get a PDF file that contains the posts with the <more> tag (as shown on the blog). That’s obvious because WP2PDF converts the posts as shown on the web to PDF, but… is it possible to get rid of the <more> tag on the PDF file and substitute it with the complete post? (without eliminating the <more> tag on WP)
    P.S. Hope i could explain myself, sorry for my english

    awesome program. it works quite well for me. is it possible to add support for bullet list and numbered lists? i.e. things found within

      1. tags? Also, when I choose the option “New page per post?” to “No”, the spacing between different entries is a little off (sometimes there is a line of whitespace between two entries, sometimes there isnt), e.g.
        Title of Entry1
        blah blah blah
        *** this area here, sometimes there is a blank line here, sometimes there isn’t ***
        Title of Entry2
        blah blah blah

    ^^ addendum to last post
    the tags didnt quite come out the way i wanted them, but they are basically “li” “ol” and “ul”
    i noticed that the problem with the spacing occurs between entries for the same day (e.g. when I have 2 entries for the same day, the spacing is messed up)

    Hey I would love to try this out, but it looks as though the settings.php file is not being written. I don’t have the time to try and find out why and fix it right now, but a suggestion for the next version is some error handling. Check that settings.php is being created on the first login, and tell the user if it is or isn’t.
    I am using the latest release.
    Thanks for your work it looks really good from what I have seen on your test blog, I can’t wait to get it working on mine.

    Actually it has error handling. However you need to press the “save” button first, then it will write the file. Did you do that?

    Yeah I did that! I am not a complete idiot, just a partial one. The permissions on the folders out of the box were all screwy. They were set to www which is just nonsense. So once I updated the permissions to something writeable by a user everything worked out.
    Oh and you error handling would need to be introduced before I hit save, you should probably create a blank settings.php file when you populate the login file, or at least cover in your documentation that one is needed since you don’t ship with the file. Makes troubleshooting a little easier to know all teh dependencies ahead of time.

    Thats why I wrote installation instructions in the Readme-file which tell you to chmod certain directories and use setup.php to create a settings file. I can’t help you if you don’t read them.
    But I will include a default setup file in the next version.

    chmod only changes permission settings, it doesn’t handle the fact that out of the box some of the files and folders are attributed to www which is incorrect. That would be chown or chgroup. I did read them insult-man, and I chmodded them, and you know what, until I changed them to a correct user/group it still didn’t do dick.

    I don’t get your problem. There’s nothing wrong with the file permissions:
    cornflake:~/Desktop/test/wp2pdf thewalrus$ ls -l
    total 296
    drwxr-xr-x 5 thewalru thewalru 170 6 Apr 23:23 ADMIN
    -rw-r–r– 1 thewalru thewalru 1584 6 Apr 20:02 commentfunctions.txt
    drwxr-xr-x 15 thewalru thewalru 510 25 Mar 21:22 font
    -rwxr-xr-x 1 thewalru thewalru 504 2 Aug 2003 fpdf.css
    -rwxr-xr-x 1 thewalru thewalru 41500 4 Apr 19:38 fpdf.php
    -rw-r–r– 1 thewalru thewalru 18009 5 Apr 09:19 gpl.txt
    -rw-r–r– 1 thewalru thewalru 10539 7 Apr 00:33 readme.htm
    -rw-r–r– 1 thewalru thewalru 17913 6 Apr 21:32 watermark.jpg
    -rw-r–r– 1 thewalru thewalru 9557 7 Apr 00:32 wp2pdf.php
    -rwxr-xr-x 1 thewalru thewalru 28685 6 Apr 23:56 wp2pdf_inc.php
    You’re the only one who has problems installing it, nobody else complained about the file permissions/owner.
    What do you have over there? Linux? BSD? OS X?

    freeBSD, and that is great that no one else had problems in this area, but when you develop software, you have a responsibility to your users.
    I had problems and brought them up to you so that you could take a look and see if it was on my end or yours, I also gave you some feedback that was good since even our beloved WP ships with example files, EVEN THOUGH THE SYSTEM CAN CREATE IT FROM SCRATCH.
    I was hoping to save you the hassle down the line of fielding this particular problem again should it arise by giving you feedback and suggestions, from one developer to another.
    I am not sure what happened, maybe something screwy happened when I decompressed the archive, I never said that any thing was your fault did I? I still am not sure why you felt you needed to resort to slinging jabs at me, but that was your choice. Again I dig the software, if not the user support. Keep up the good work.

    I think we have a slight misunderstanding here. I din’t meant to “attack” you. I first thought you didn’t read the Readme file, so I was probably a bit angry at the beginning. I’m usually don’t do any software development (I study social sciences) and this whole WP2PDF thing is just a hobby.
    The next release does indeed ship with default config files and it has a much better and more user friendly setup procedure.
    Thanks again for the feedback, I really need it.

    Thanks for the reply, as in most misunderstandings online, this could have been avoided had we had some context to our conversation so that inflection, and intent could be attached to words. I apologize fro my sarcastic tone in some of my posts as well. Your hack really is something and I look forward to more developments in this area.

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