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  • The new version of WP2PDF, the WordPress to PDF converter, has been released. The update includes a rewritten HTML conversion part. Tables are now supported, as well as many other HTML-tags that have not been supported before. There are also some other smaller improvements and bug fixes. See the project homepage ( for more information, including a full online demo. Please report bugs and help/feature requests on the project site (

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  • Hi,
    Great to see this updated.
    Unfortunately, I cannot get images to display in the PDF, even when “show images” is set in the config.

    Also, any tips on how I can get swedish to display correctly?


    Trying it out now. Had great fun with 0.3. Great to see an update.
    Thanks for this brilliant software.




    Nice but a couple things

    1. it needs <span></span> added to the tags
    2. It doesnt preserve e-mail address integrity. ALL commenters e-mail addys are shown

    #2 would be a must fix in my book.

    other than that it looks promising. Regarding #1, where are the tags added/set up to be parsed/whatever it actually is? I would be interested in doing a little tag editing. Im wondering now how it would handle non-standard tags that might be added by plugins.. hmmm.

    I updated WP2PDF and will release the new version later this day. The eMail-adress “bug” is fixed there. Regarding the <span>-tag: I’m working on CSS-support, so it will be supported sooner or later. But it still needs some tuning. If the tags added by other plugins look like html-tags (<blah></blah>), they will be ignored. If they however use square brackets, they will be included in the text. I’m going to add an option for this in the next version. Tag-“processing” is done in the file “wp2pdf_includes.php” (functions: opentag and closetag).

    @peter92: which characters look wrong? This probably has to do with the html entities translation. Which document encoding are you using?

    @peter92: I forgot your image problem 🙂 Are you using a relative path in <img src=”…? In this case it will probably fail. I’m going to fix that.


    It seem to work ok here.. excpt for one thing : wp2pdf doesn’t seem to recognize UTF-8 (or I failed to find the setting) and the accentuated characters (I’m french..we use a lot of those) are garbled

    WP2PDF currently uses iconv() to convert UTF-8 to ISO-8859-1. If iconv is not installed, it will just skip conversion and the text looks strange. There is currently no simple solution for this (except using ISO-8859-1 for the blog). I’m working on this.

    thewalrus >>
    The characters that do not come up are the ones like öåäå. The language is swedish, and since I am not swedish I am not sure of the proper encoding (i love unicode!). I tried changing the encoding in the fonts menu, but it said i needed to upload a font file. How can I test if iconv() is installed?

    For the images, there is an absolute path, eg “/wp-content/image.jpg”.

    I am running v0.4. I feel very close and would like to thank you for your help and hard work. This is a great plugin!

    An example pdf can be seen at

    I’m having trouble getting any number of posts to display in the PDF’s generated by WP2PDF. No matter what value I give the parameters I give it I still get the default. Any suggestions?

    showposts=100&cat=2 only shows 5
    showposts=30 only shows 5

    my very first post doesnt show up fully. only the excerpt comes up. any suggestions?

    All I get are errors when I go to the admin–this is what I get:

    Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_REQUIRE_ONCE in /home/robbycol/public_html/wp2pdf-0.4.2/admin/setup.php on line 1

    did you put the w2pdf folder in the same folder as wp-blog-header.php? did you set the permissions 777 for all the directories? did you delete the install.php file?

    I found the bug. I didnt necessarily resolve it… In my article, there is a hyphen (-). This plugin doesnt read anything that comes after the plugin. Kinda weird.

    Chrismoncus: I get the same behavior on 1.5.2. WP2PDF always prints the same number of posts as the wordpress’s default posts-per-page.

    Any resolution?

    There are a whole lot of bugs with this plugin. If there is a ” in my post, it doesnt convert the post into pdf past that.

    Are there anyone who can debug it?

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