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[wp2bb] Installation question

  • The installation is like most plugins, no problem. But one point is left:

    In the readme I see:

    Place ‘<?php if (function_exists(“wp2bb”)) wp2bb(); ?>’ in your templates

    Which template, the wordpress or phpBB3? Which file in the template directory? Where in that file? In all intallation readmes I ever read when a string is to be inserted somewhere the readme give something like “in file /blah/blub/blob.php insert this string before …..” – not here. It may be an improvement to add this in the readme, makes it easier for such dumb fellows like me.


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  • Found it: it’s in /wp-content/themes/default/index.php, archive.php and search.php.
    Look for a line which contains the string ‘comments_popup_link’. Then place the wp2bb string before or after this, depends on your taste.


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