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  • It was easy and fast to upload and include images with WP2.3
    With 2.6 it has become a painstaking process – at least if you’re one of those guys who for one reason or the other don’t want the new gallery feature.

    First of all: what do we need thickbox for?
    It loads slowly and it prevents from switching easily between the post and the image overview.
    When the overview is open an i click into the post, the image overview closes! Whose idea was that!? Seriously, it is not practical. When i upload 5 new images and want to add them to certain places within a long text i have to do this for EVERY SINGLE image:

    1. open ‘add image’
    2. wait forever until the module loads
    2. switch to Gallery
    3. click the pic i want to add
    4. adjust the insert-options
    5. click ‘insert’
    6. get annoyed, because that window closes automatically!
    7. start over again

    why can’t it be kept more simple? more like the way it used to be, in an iframe, with less steps to do the most common task?

    It is a very good thing, that multiple uploads are possible now, but everything else – the whole handling of images – is making my life so much more difficult.

    What i also miss, is a memory feature: I always use the same settings for my pictures, which are not the standard settings. i.e. i don’t want a link to the image itself, only the image and i want it aligned centered. but instead of remembering the last used settings, the images module comes up with the same default settings! Why isn’t it possible to make it remember the last used settings instead?

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  • […] the way it used to be, in an iframe […]

    iframes are deprecated and should never be used.

    wait forever until the module loads

    One word: Gears.

    Manniac, I’m with you. Image uploading in WordPress 2.5 and higher is a PITA.

    Mark8barnes, Gears “helps” but it reduces page load times from 3-15 seconds down to 3-5 seconds. Manniac is proposing a 0 second page load time… No, he’s proposing that image uploading be put back where it belongs, on the same page with the post.

    I don’t understand why they won’t add the old insert image button back in. Just disable it by default or something and give us an option on the settings to add it back… How difficult is that. And I agree, I write tutorials that include a lot of screenshots and ever since 2.5+, doing images has been a nightmare for me. Almost makes me want to migrate to a new blogging system just because of this 1 thing.

    Is it really true that iframe is deprecated? I can’t find any confirmation of this.

    Yes, image handling is a pain. It’s being overhauled in 2.8 and will hopefully not be a pain, but a pleasure. 2.8 scheduled for February.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Is it really true that iframe is deprecated? I can’t find any confirmation of this.

    iframe was never officially deprecated, however it is also not in the XHTML 1.1 specifications at all. They just dumped it instead of deprecating.

    It is recommended to use object instead of iframe. Well, actually, it is recommended to stop using nasty hacks like this entirely, but occasionally they come in handy in the real world, which is why they are there. People do rely on them too much, however.


    <object data="" type="text/html" width="480" height="300">

    This doesn’t work in all browsers yet. Notably, IE7.

    when i upload my photos , i get numbers in gallery , with out any photos inside ???
    can any one explain

    image uploader since 2.6 sucks alot!

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