WP2.5 interface issues, Add images, additional clicking, etc (3 posts)

  1. gadlen
    Posted 8 years ago #

    WordPress 2.5 introduces several new enhancements that need some work.
    In their current incarnation, there are some steps backwards here.

    Two big themes of the interface issues I see in WP2.5 are:
    - An increase in the number of keyboard -> mouse -> keyboard hand movements
    - An increase in the number of page loads needed, causing the user to wait

    Here are some specific issued (I have labled the issues in case you want to refer to them)

    LS1 - In post-new.php, Categories and Tags were moved to below the post-input window. After writing a post, I now have to scroll the window down before clicking on them. Since I use non-default Categories on the majority of my posts, the amount of scrolling I need to do has increased.

    LS2 - Adding an image is now a (dare I use the word? yes, I will) byzantine multi-step process where I must now open modal windows, scroll, click, scroll more and click more for each image. Forcing a modal window increases the time spent on placing images dramatically.

    LS3 - In the interface, there is no easy way to tell what images are in a post's Gallery. But this is -essential- information if I am to use the Gallery feature.

    LS4 - The functions behind the Add media buttons (Add an image, Add video, Add audio, Add media) are not documented at all.

    LS5 - The functions of the Add media buttons (Add an image, Add video, Add audio, Add media) are dubious. Don't they all do the same thing?

    LS6 - It now takes 2 clicks instead of 1 to preview a draft post. And since it doesn't open in a new window, it is impossible to go back and forth between the two views easily.

    LS7 - Add Image now adds all kinds of cruft to the image tag. Why?

    LS8 - Changing image alignment (left, right, not assigned) doesn't always work. This may be related to the useless cruft the new Add image tool adds to an image tag.

  2. StrangeAttractor
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Some of these issues are discussed in this thread:


    and even more at length in the predecessor of the above thread:


    Also, you should consider rating this thread in the ideas section:


    PS One of the interesting insights discovered in this discussion is that the developers mostly do not read the "Feedback and Requests" section, but apparently do look at the ideas section, at least at the most popular ideas.

  3. gadlen
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Thanks StrangeAttractor. I'll use those links and look in the Ideas section. :-)

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