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  • I’m going a little crazy trying to get this straightened out. My RSS feed ( only shows the summary even though under the options menu I have it set to “full.” On top of that, its showing that all posts were published on September 1st at 12:57am, even thought they’ve been published over a series of months and times.

    Also, it is randomly changing post times according to technorati, which will display older posts as being the most recent, or sitting 1 post behind at various times.

    I’m not using the “more” tag, although I am using excerpt reloaded (on archives, categories, and home, not index). I’m also running a slew of plugins, although none have given me these problems on other sites, and I’ve disabled everything that could be touching the rss feed.

    I recently replaced all the wordpress files with the latest release, and I’m completely bewildered. Considering doing an xml migrate and starting over with a new DB. Any tips, guys?

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  • for the record, I accidentally submitted twice. the issue is still unresolved. i’ll post here if i figure it out.

    at this point, I have replaced all WP files, and migrated to a new DB. I used Import/Export to bring the posts and comments over.

    Still having the same problems.

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    With WordPress 2.1 on when you have the <!–more–> tag in the post, that’s where the feed stops.

    Install the Full Text Feed plugin to get RSS full feeds back.

    Actually, he said he didn’t use the more tag. For the record, if it is the more tag causing the problem, you can use my DualFeeds plugin, as well as the one mentioned above (DualFeeds gives you both Full Text and Summary Feeds).

    As it happens, I may have an answer for you. I’ve checked and it’s definitely only the summary, but if you try (ie feed instead of rss), then you get the full post in the feed. You also get the full post if you use rss2 instead of rss.

    Not sure why, without spending time to look at it, but I assume that WordPress treats rss feeds like this (most people use rss2 feeds these days, even though they don’t know it). I hope that helps you.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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