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  • I’m going a little crazy trying to get this straightened out. My RSS feed ( only shows the summary even though under the options menu I have it set to “full.” On top of that, its showing that all posts were published on September 1st at 12:57am, even thought they’ve been published over a series of months and times.

    Also, it is randomly changing post times according to technorati, which will display older posts as being the most recent, or sitting 1 post behind at various times.

    I’m not using the “more” tag, although I am using excerpt reloaded (on archives, categories, and home, not index). I’m also running a slew of plugins, although none have given me these problems on other sites, and I’ve disabled everything that could be touching the rss feed.

    I recently replaced all the wordpress files with the latest release, and I’m completely bewildered. Considering doing an xml migrate and starting over with a new DB. Any tips, guys?

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