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  1. Chris_K
    Posted 8 years ago #

    viharsheth - starting a real topic on that might be more useful.

  2. Chris_K
    Posted 8 years ago #

    guidedog - this topic is more about venting about 2.1.

    As you're not using 2.1, you may do better to start your own topic.

  3. RalphRoeske
    Posted 8 years ago #

    You have no idea what they talk about here, so why don't you shut stay off your keyboard?

    I have 10 WP Sites running. 2 were upgraded to 2.1 the rest are still 2.06 ...
    To start editing it takes me 3 seconds with 2.06 until the cursor is accepting input - in 2.1 it tales 9-10 seconds until that wysiwyg is open and I need code-version of the editor because the editor scambles all special html-tricks you use. It replaces nbsp for a little square ... left and right picture text in the middle doesn't work as before...

    Waiting each time 7 seconds more to edit just a word if you were were back on your site - see that you have to make a correction ... etc. make this 100 times and you have lost 12 Minutes of your life for nothing.

    Downgrading may be easy with english language blogs - not so with foreign. The ä und ü and ö etc are all scrambled if you make a "normal" data base backup... and to recover them there's only one way ... read and replace everything...

    To make it clear ... I love WordPress ... I use it as a content management system with most of my domains... I made several changes to it myself ... cropped timecomsuming stuff (technoraty which fills your database with rubbish) etc.
    ... and to sum it up. 2.1 is slower ALTHOUGH I cropped that full dashbord which for no reasin fills the database and consumes time, also !!!

  4. IndigoGypsy
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I have to agree that it sucks. I posted a support question re the links / categories issue. Got a reply that I needed to upgrade my theme and to search the forum. Searched the forum, and other than some surgery and major major time, no one has a resolution. Besides, my theme is not the issue. The issue is that I believe it screwed up the database -- when I hit the "upgrade" link, error messages filled my screen. On anything to do with links and categories, there are error messages. That has nothing to do with a theme. All plug-ins were disabled. Everything was pulled down and then put back up, not once, but twice. It sure is not my theme. AND, I do hate the change to "Blogroll", but that is minor compared to what's going on now. I am incredibly frustrated and there's nothing but griping and sniping on this board with no real resolutions (for me) anywhere. I know it's no skin off of WordPress' nose if I dump it and recreate with something else -- I mean, it seems the only choice I have is to recreate. Tons and tons and tonsof time, but it looks like at this point I have no choice. Despite backups, going "back" isn't working, either. So why would I stick with something that breaks? So, really, WordPress has NO INCENTIVE to make any of this work correctly for any of us. This is why there has been silence, despite many, many posts on this.

  5. ChrisH
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Actually, 2.1 is a significant improvement from the 2.0 series, and works incredibly well.

    Of course, if you're having issues, you really should post what those issues are instead of complaining in an entirely useless manner.

    Otto: you keep saying this in every thread I've seen, and really, it just pisses me off. It's not constructive. It's dissmissive and patronizing, and sounds suspiciously like the old Microsoft approach: "It's not a bug, it's a feature." A lot of people have raised legitimate concerns, and your approach is to imply that if we don't understand that the new way of doing X is better, then we're idiots.

    The blogroll is a particular problem to me, philosophically as well as practically. I was delighted when widgets came along and I no longer had to manually insert and reorder clusters of code for each category of link every time I wanted to modify my sidebar. Well, guess what? No more. Now I have to go back to manually working out code, as well as keeping in mind that the link category "books" is actually category "8" or something. In short, WordPress is now incapable of providing users with something that they could even get on Blogger, which is a very tangible step backward. Even worse, although I can work out the PHP, tedious as it may be, there are lots of people who can't. A viable piece of open-source blogging software shouldn't just brush off people who don't know how to hand-code their links. The success of WP lies in the fact that it's managed to be something more than just a toy for the geeks. I've been a prosyletizer for WordPress; I've been trying to get as many people away from Blogspot as I can, and although I'll still do that, it has to be with the caveat that they're better off using Blogrolling.com to maintain their links.

  6. alakhnor
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Actually, you still can use widget with WP 2.1.

    Thing is, I've found WP 2.1 faster in editing than 2.0.7. Maybe it has something to do with servers or depend more on the computer you're working on (I couldn't say).

    The bad side of the upgrade was really the compatibility both in themes and plugins: many tags were deprecated and a lot of the code re-written with a lot more objects in it (which can also cause compatibility problems).

    Beside this, the code is actually a lot easier to read if you need to get into it, which, I perfectly understand, most users don't give a damn ;)

    To ease things on upgrade, you should always use function_exists in themes so that plugins can be disabled/enabled at will (easy to say, again, most users won't do it). Usually, deprecated tags still exists but won't work anymore.

    Now, the really bad thing on 2.1 is about categories/bookmarks.

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