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  • I was hoping that this new version will be better than the old ones, but its actually a lot worse.
    Many, many problems with it.
    Now i wonder why i upgraded my 2.0.5 which was great.
    It seems to be some sort of race of these new versions "improuved" or so they say. Now i can
    even introduce an image in a page.
    I`m disapointed.
    Maybe you should wait with new releases until you are absolutely sure about them.

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  • Explain your problems, maybe we can help.

    If you have a dump of your database before the upgrade you can retrograde to 2.0.7 without much trouble.

    How exactly do you retrograde back to 2.0.7?

    It’s alway have a demo site running in you’r pc .You can play well before you deploy in live site

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    Actually, 2.1 is a significant improvement from the 2.0 series, and works incredibly well.

    Of course, if you’re having issues, you really should post what those issues are instead of complaining in an entirely useless manner.

    heather16: assuming you have a database dump (backup) from your 2.0+ wordpress install, you’d delete all of the wordpress 2.1 files (EXCEPT your wp-config.php file and any special themes you use), and upload the (probably) 2.0.7 files; then drop the tables from the database (don’t drop the database itself, just the tables) using phpmyadmin; then import the 2.0+ database dump and once that’s done, visit the wp-admin area and if you get an upgrade link, click on it.

    I haven’t tried this, since I haven’t installed 2.1 – but this should work, it’s just a fairly normal process.



    vkaryl, the best advice ive seen on these forums in the last week.

    >>Actually, 2.1 is a significant improvement from the 2.0 series, and works incredibly well.

    Not to be argumentative, but thats pretty subjective.

    The best advice is by [xinfo] in this thread.


    ekusteve: also true. I have several…. NONE of which is running 2.1.

    [*sigh* too late to edit previous]

    Biggest problem with local setup/test/play is that it’s not always the same once you load it up online. For a lot of reasons.

    ok, i admit, when i wrote this post i was very mad because i just upgraded my WONDERFUL WP 2.0.5 to 2.1 and suddenly everything went wrong: most of my plugins were not working anymore, so my sidebar and navigation were messed up; the SHOW MORE link was reduced to INLINE – exactly what i was trying to evoid; i could not write a post and include an image within for some sort of reason; same for writing new pages; not to say about modifying existing pages, that was not possible; visual and code modes are NOT WORKING as they are supposed to.
    i followed the specified steps for step by step upgrade of wp2.1 but all these problems appeared so you must understand that i was made because i had to stay 2-3 more hours to try and fix my site. im a photographer and my work is on my site, i have a lot of visitors every day, i cannot let my site just go crazy like that. that evening i stayed in front of the computer until i re-installed WP2.0.5.
    but after that installation i don
    t know why my pages were transformed into posts, i had to re-write my pages, my links. thank god my posts were ok !
    now im using WP2.0.5 again and everything goes very well, i have no errors.
    please tell me if i did something wrong or this new version is so full of bugs that it must be exterminated :) i
    m joking of course. i saw many things that i liked in WP2.1 but not as many as flaws.
    i hope i didn`t upset anybody but if this improuved software is something else that expected i think my reaction is justified.
    best wishes

    It seems the main problem with the 2.1 upgrades (new installs are fine) is that folks are not deactivating all of their plugins (big mistake for 2.1 upgrades) and/or are using themes that are not updated and still using deprecated tags.
    None of this is the fault of the WP software.
    I think more careful consideration of the upgrade process could do wonders. :>)

    I can’t even do what I want in the default WP theme provided, without going in and editing code. I could point and click last time, now I have to edit code.

    I’m talking about customising the way link categories display, btw – I have been given a page with a load of tags I can use, but as far as I can see, I even need to edit the code of the default template to use these template tags, the option to change these settings using a link category edit kind of function is gone…

    Going from point/click to editing code is not a good step forward for a lot of non-techncial end user bloggers.

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    robradcliffe: Then don’t upgrade. 2.07 is still supported code. It will be updated for quite a while yet.

    Everybody else: If you don’t understand PHP, if you don’t understand code, if you don’t understand how WordPress works: Do not Upgrade to 2.1 yet. Simple.

    Hmmm. I’ve upgraded all my 6-7 sites to 2.1. All MY OWN php hacks were of course terminated and I’m still having some issues, but considering how little time I put in for 2.1 I think it’s running great! How much more time did you spend on your 2.05 vs. 2.1? It could be months…
    Consider that for a second and send some thank you’s to all the gals n’ guys sweating what should be your dirty code work.
    Just a thought from a stormy Åre.

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