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  • For some reason the navigation on the bottom of The Loop for “Previous Page/Next Page” has stopped working. All of the themes I have including the Classic and Kubrick Themes have this same problem.

    Here is the code:

    <div class="bottom-page-nav">
    	<?php posts_nav_link('', '', _t('&laquo; Previous Entries')); ?>
    	<strong> | </strong>
    	<?php posts_nav_link('', _t('Next Entries &raquo;'), ''); ?>

    All I see on the page is the ” | ” the previous Entries and Next Entries navigation does not appear at all. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

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    I’m having problems with the post navigation as well. I’m using guff’s Next-Previous Post IMG plugin ( to display next/previous images instead of text. Unfortunately, after the 2.1 update, the plugin is navigating through both posts (like it should) AND pages (like it shouldn’t). I wanted to disable it for the moment, so I went back to the template tag next/previous option. Nothing displays, just like you.

    According to several similar reports it is always caused by a plugin. Try to deactivate them one by one to find the culprit.

    Moshu: it turned out to be the first plug-in I disabled – the Adhesive plug-in (version 3.2) that caused the problem. Does anyone have an update that doesn’t screw up?

    Ditto for me on the Adhesive plugin. As soon as I disabled it, my earlier/later posts started working again.

    Same problem here. And I have no plugins activated. Any suggestions on how to have the Previous | Next entries show up? Thanks.

    It can’t be “the same”.
    This was a 4 months old topic.
    Since then you must have a different WP version – so you might have a similar issue.

    Try looking here, it could be the same problem,

    this page says the tag is not used anymore and must be replaced

    I think you are supposed to fix it with this tag

    Hope this helps.

    I don’t think a 4 month old thread is necessarily a problem. We encourage people to “Search” for questions that have already been answered here.

    Searching is fine.
    Posting “I have the same problem” – without details, without link, without mentioning the custome theme… not so fine.

    Everything will be fine

    There has been adequate explanation of the effect of posting in a thread more than a certain amount of months old. It was really helpful. Thank You for your efforts.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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