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    A few months ago thought it would be a good idea for my family to have our own website. I wanted to have a place where our Teenage daughter could learn Web design, blog freely and Safely in an environment that I could control. I also wanted have access to mysql & PHP in my own environment without having to fork over money for a software and server at home. I selected yahoo because it was inexpensive, offered WordPress pre-installed, this was a big plus to me. Yahoo Webhosting also gave me a 100 sub-domains and all of the software comes pre-installed except for the extra plugins and themes that we wanted. The kids smile when she got her own sub-domain with her nickname was something I will not soon forget.

    The WordPress Blogs do come up with a bunch of errors and unexplained actions. These are the same errors that I have read about in the forums at WordPress. I have also called Yahoo in the past about downtime and issues unrelated to WordPress. Right now for what I need the price is right. I really just want the web site for our family to learn some important computer skills. It looks to me like troubleshooting will be a skills that will have to be covered extensively. Things were going along ok.

    A few weeks ago decided to upgrade WordPress 2.0.2 to WordPress 2.1 software. Since one of the benefits of using the Yahoo Business Web Hosting was that I could have 100 accounts and subdomains I decided the safest way to go was to build a test account and try to do the upgrade on something that wouldn’t matter before I tried doing it on one of the blogs my wife and kid are working on. It did not go well.

    I was not able to get past that white page that came up when I ran the upgrade.php. Just like I saw had happened to several others in the WordPress Forums. I created, deleted and recreated accounts with the pre-installed WordPress 2.0.2 and tried many times to get a successful upgrade. I went through all the detailed instructions several times over. Nothing worked. I went through lots of forum entries none of them had a clear answer. I was really glad that I used a test account and not a production account, although I had already made a backup of one of my blogs in preparation of upgrading to WP 2.1 once I saw the upgrade run successful on the test account. I went in thinking the upgrade was a nobrainer.

    In the forums I saw that there was a WordPress group offering to do free upgrades on your own web site via FTP, at one time. I thought this was a great service that WordPress was offering.

    I didn’t want to throw in the towel and just send account info and setup an FTP account
    and have someone else do it for me. What would I do if I wanted to make a minor upgrade? I would not know the work arounds and fixes needed to do the upgrades on Yahoo Web hosting. I thought I would turn away a bit and see if solutions were posted as others ran into the same problem. I figured I would pick up the solution from the wordpress user forums in a few weeks. I have seen notice after notice of minor upgrades to WP 2.1 but I have not been able to find a solution on the Internet that will help me upgrade WordPress 2.1 on my Yahoo web hosting accounts.

    I have not seen what I consider confirmation that WordPress 2.1 will even run on Yahoo Web hosting. I keep seeing Posts saying get off Yahoo and come on my Service or my buddies service. Hey, I am aware there are issues with Yahoo. Right now the price is right. Latter when I know exactly where I am going to take our site and our family blogs, I can move on to another service if needed.

    Is it possible to upgrade the pre-installed WordPress 2.0.2 on Yahoo Business to the current version of 2.1x Ella? An authoritative NO, is a good answer. WordPress 2.0 is a good product and I can stick with that until Yahoo automatically upgrades to the current WordPress production software automatically for me. This does however mean I have a long wait.

    Thanks in Advance, Paul, Sweden

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  • As long as your account meets the hosting requirements there should be no reason you can’t run the latest version of WordPress (2.1.2).

    As for upgrading the blog(s) you created with the Yahoo Blog activation tool–I believe part of your problem could be the database user not having the correct privileges (e.g. add/drop tables) to the MySQL database.

    You might try increasing the privileges for the database user–this user is specified in your blog’s wp-config.php file with the $DB_USER value. Once you determine the user, you will need to use phpMyAdmin to access the database ‘mysql’ and the ‘user’ table. When you enter phpMyAdmin select the mysql Database on the left then select the user table. Then edit record for the user you identified in the wp-config.php file and check Yes (or Y) for each of the privileges.

    Note: If you don’t have phpMyAdmin installed, Yahoo gives you a link to install the Database Administrator tool. Yahoo’s version of phpMyAdmin seems to only work in Internet Explorer browser.

    Once you’ve changed and saved the privileges for that user see if you can do an upgrade.

    Please insure you have backups before beginning.

    Many thanks to Michaelh.

    The WordPress upgrade process on Yahoo Web Hosting is really very simple and pretty fast.

    Do everything as instructed in the upgrade instructions in the codex but
    Before you run the upgrade.php YOU NEED TO EDIT THE wp-config.php FILE.

    Delete this line:

    Define(‘WP_CACHE’, true); //Added by WP-Cache Manager

    From the wp-config.php file.
    (you no longer need it for 2.1.s and it might screw things up if it is there)

    Save the changes to the wp-config.php file.

    Make a copy of the now edited file some place else or with a different name. You will copy this file back to the blog directory after the upgrade is complete.

    Edit wp-config.php and replace the DB_USER and DB_PASSWORD with your yroot user name and your yroot password. (yroot password explaination can be found at )

    Copy the wp-config.php file that has the yroot name and password in it into the Blog directory

    Run the upgrade.php as instructed in the codex.

    After the upgrade is completed just replace the wp-config.php file with the yroot user with the wp-config.php that has your original username and password and the WP_CACHE line deleted.

    That is it!


    Thanks I’ll look into that method a little later, These last 2 days of my failed attempt to upgrade were horrific. I’ll try again next month.

    Thank you for having the detailed information here! I just upgraded from Yahoo’s provided 2.0.2 version to the latest 2.2.1. I went through the same exercise with MT earlier in the week and it was much more painful (although maybe having done that first I understood more of what needed to be done). You have to change the DB Username and Password on MT upgrades as well.

    The only thing that is wierd is that the Yahoo Customizable Permalinks plugin wouldn’t deactivate before I tried to upgrade (even though I had turned off all options related to it that I could find). I had to remove the plugin file so it didn’t show up anymore. I put it back after the upgrade, and clicked “Activate” and the link configuration seems to be working, but the plugin doesn’t say it’s “Activated”. Odd; but it seems to be working! Thanks again.

    additional info:

    i looked into the db_password entries in my mysql database and all of them are sort of hashed — i couln’t even see my password. so i had to go into the blog admin’s user record in the user and db tables and change the blog admin’s user privileges to ‘y’. more here.

    opera also works with yahoo’s phpmyadmin.

    i upgraded from the stock wp 2.0.02 to 2.2.2.

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