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  • Sooo. . .my WordPress 1.5 theme won’t work in 2.0 unless the theme author makes a new version?

    Just getting this straight.

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  • Not necessarily. A lot themes work perfectly in 2.0.

    Have you tried your WP 1.5 theme on a test WP 2.0 blog? You could create a local or test installation of WP 2.0 and give it a shot.

    Lots of themes work, some that use plugins for some functionality might not work because the plugins don’t work.


    What would cause a theme to possibly behave erratically?

    I downloaded a WordPress 1.5 theme (CoffeeCup, from the WordPress theme competition at and significantly altered the color scheme and graphics over a period of two weeks ( so I’m kinda reluctant to upgrade if it’s going to mess with my changes.

    The biggest issue would be use of function calls in WP 1.5 that don’t exist in WP 2.0. This would lead to broken functionality.


    Try it locally first, but all themes I have tried have worked perfectly. You should be wary about the plugins you use, though, since not all plugins work with 2.0 yet.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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