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  • I searched on timestamp and couldn’t find anything about this. If it is already being discussed somewhere else please let me know.

    When a draft is saved why doesn’t WP give it a timestamp? So there is a reference to when it was first saved or at least the last time it was worked on? The first time you save a draft the timestamp is inserted as “0000-00-00 00:00:00”. When the user later goes to edit the draft the Edit Timestamp checkbox is not auto checked(it used to be). The user publishes the post and the timestamp is inserted as “1969-12-31 4:00:00 pm”.

    I don’t understand why WP2 isn’t inserting a timestamp when a draft is saved. I also don’t understand why WP2 doesn’t auto check the edit timestamp like it did in past versions. This is a major issue for users with multiple bloggers. The editor goes to publish and the post ends up in the past because the user thinks the timestamp checkbox happens automatically.

    Anyone else running into this?
    -Ken Villines

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