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  • When you mark a comment as spam in WP1.5, what does it do besides delete the comment?

    I created a test account, made a comment to the “Hello, world” post, then marked that comment as spam from site admin. However, none of the test account’s or comment’s particulars were added to the “Comment Moderation” nor “Comment Blackwords” list.

    So what exactly does marking a comment as spam do?

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    Maybe this answers your questions?

    No, that gives the various options available for using/applying comment moderation, not what actually happens if the spam moderation option is used against a certain comment.

    Likely a subject for, which has yet to have any content. 🙂

    I, too, am curious to know the difference between marking a comment as spam and simply deleting it.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I could be wrong on this:
    – when you delete, it is literally just erased.
    – when you mark as spam, it disappears, but is not fully erased. It is held in a table in the database and what you have marked as spam then builds to be a resource for an anti-spam plugin to use. It allows for analysis to be run against all the data.

    Moderator Scott Reilly


    WordPress & Plugin Developer

    podz is corrent. Comments marked as spam remain in the database but are otherwise no longer referenced by WP. Plugins and/or future versions of WP may anaylyze that spam in the future.

    And which part of the database are they (comments marked as spam) stored at? 🙂

    Apparently I had installed Spaminator and had stupidly gotten my own IP banned when I tested the plugin by “spamming” myself. T_T

    why don’t I see the option to mark a comment as SPAM? I upgraded 1.2 > 1.5 and don’t see it.

    They are in the comments table just like any other comment. The comment_approved field will be marked ‘spam’.

    The option only shows up on the comment moderation screen. Not quite sure why they don’t have the option on the regular manage comments screen.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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