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  1. katootje
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    I want to change some stuff in the comment template, but I can't find the lines in the template. looking at the templates (I'm working in the default theme) I don't know where to find what. There is a header, a page, comment, footer, maintemplate etc. Is there a overview somewhere what I can find where? and so what do I have to change where.
    p.e. I want to remove the lines on top of the commentpage where it says 'this entry was posted..etc etc' but I can't find the lines for this anywhere in the comments template and i get a little confused with all this templates, so if there is a page somewhere where i can find out what each template does, i will be very happy

  2. Edit the Post Template, or single.php.

  3. katootje
    Posted 10 years ago #

    thanks I found the lines in the single.php.
    Is there somewhere an overview which files is for what in the template?
    Step by step i find my way around, but there are still things that i will change but can't find, like the p-tag in the comment-text. There is one when i look at the course, but nowhere in the script

  4. As you hover over each template link, you should see the file's URL in your browser's status bar. For example, hovering over "Post Template" will show "http://www.domain.com/wordpress/wp-admin/theme-editor.php?file=wp-content/themes/default/single.php&theme=default".

    But, for the record:


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