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  • Particular sites I have it loaded on are multisite currently running 3.3RC2 but the plugin doesn’t display settings in 3.2 single site either as i’ve tested. The current ads I have still load fine on the front-end of the site but there is no management ability other than hacking the database entries.

    I’ve contacted on your site but haven’t received a reply.

    Is there a fix coming any time soon?

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  • Plugin Author redwallhp


    I just installed a fresh copy on my test server, running 3.3 RC2. It works as expected.

    I’m guessing it’s probably because you have multisite mode enabled. WP125 was developed years before that existed, and it likely doesn’t work with it. I’ll see what I can do, but I’m not going to promise a patch right away.



    I am having an issue with the columns. I have selected two columns and it still showing them in one column. I just upgraded to 3.3 WP. Any suggestions??

    Plugin Author redwallhp


    If you had customized the plugin’s CSS file, and have since upgraded to version 1.4.1 of WP125, it would have been overwritten by the default CSS again.

    See the FAQ:

    My ads don’t appear in two columns, even though I have the option set! How do I fix this?

    The parent DIV that the ad code is inside probably isn’t wide enough. You really need a minimum of 250px of horizontal space to have two ad columns, more if you use the default CSS. You could try reducing the CSS padding around the ads from 10px to something lower.

    #wp125adwrap_2c .wp125ad { padding:4px; }

    You can either do this in your theme’s style.css file, or edit the CSS file in the plugins/wp125 folder.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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