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  • I think the problem of WP125 not showing is fixed. See the above solution. If you make the change in widget_class.php the ads will show in perfect format.

    The reason I had problems with size of the ads was because I had marked the box “Include default ad stylesheet? ” and by that I disconnected the css for the ads. Thats why I could not get 2 columns.

    …Still doesn’t work after that change here…

    Aanbieders van Geboortekaartjes

    I am very sorry. I got it working on the theme I use, Multiport a child theme for Classipress. I cannot get it to work on twelvethirteen and a number of other themes.

    Being a complete novice on PHP I don’t know if I can fix it. I will give it a try.

    I’ve contacted the author of the plugin but sofar no answer. I’ll contact some plugin creators to see what they can do.

    Goran – This change did not work for me either. I’m using a modified twentythirteen tho. However, the fact that you did get it to work in one theme would seem to indicate that the problem is related to the constructor. Thanks for your efforts!

    Feral Reason,

    I’ve played around with it. Sometimes I get it to work on WP themes but most of the time it is not. I have no clue what is the real problem. I am very sorry for giving the wrong advice.

    I’ve evaluated some plgins and Iv’e decided to use AdRotate instead. It has some real advantages. I can select the size of the ads and rotate them. When my adsales motivates a Pro version I will go for it. The Pro version is far better than WP125. Maybe that is the way to go for you too.


    Same problem here, upgrade to 4.3 killed my ads. However, I was already using AdRotate for a different set of ads, so I just created a new Block and put all my WP125 ads into it, and it works great.


    No reason for apology! You seem to have made the most progress so far. Unfortunately I have already augmented WP125, for a single client, with a lot of additional functionality. So I’m not anxious to rebuild that for another plugin.

    So I’m setting up two test sites on localhost w/ twentythirteen and wp4.2.4 on one and wp4.3 on the other. Only installing the base wp125 and the “Debug” plugin with all logging, etc. turned on. First I’m going to try to clean up all the notices – most of which are likely harmless, and then try to isolate and fix the PHP4 style constructors, using your work as a starting point, gradually making changes in both WP version sites.

    Any recommendations for debug tools, etc are more than welcome.



    I am a PHP-midget. I really have no clue on what is the real problem with WP125 so I cannot give you any recommendations. Don’t spend to much time on it though. In my view it is not enough to just get it working, it needs some modifications in order to be serious alternative to other plugins.

    WP125 is a great entry level advertisement plugin. Anybody seriously involved in ads would go for AdRotate Pro or something similar. It only costs €29. Just one or two ads would pay for it. With AdRotate Pro it is a lot easier to administrate ads and it is a far more flexible plugin. I have moved on.

    Keep me informed of your progress. Unfortunately I cannot be of any help more than to tell you what I would like to see in the plugin.



    Actually, I got it working by rewriting widget_class.php completely with code that is more consistent with Made a handful of minor changes in other files also. I tested it in WP 4.2.4 and WP 4.3 with twentythirteen, twentyfourteen and twentyfifteen. I still need to clean up the notices that Debug is showing and figure out how to either get the code to the plugin owner for release, or otherwise get it out there. (Changes are too extensive to post here.)

    Advice from anyone from WordPress?

    Great job! I would be happy to try it out on the themes I am using. (Rowling and Classipress).

    If you cannot get in touch with the original developer (I’ve tried without success) release it as an updated version of the plugin. It sure is a great plugin to start to get into advertising.


    I would be delighted to have you try it out! (I’ve cleared all the notices and other deprecated calls now.) I’m still trying to figure out how to release it.

    No response from the original developer. I’m not seeing a way to update the WP125 repository. I’m not particularly anxious to release it under a new name, as it functions the same as the previous release — without the obsolete constructor code and deprecated calls. Still researching release options…

    I would be happy to share a zip file if there is a good way to reach you.

    I would be very happy to try your fix
    my email is

    I don’t think the developer even has an account anymore as the user ID is not clickable from the plugin page.

    I can edit code but not debug. Also looking for a fix.

    FeralReason I would be happy to try your fix. Could you put it up on a Url and post the url here?

    I’ve got it temporarily available here. If it works out reasonably well, I’ll upload it as a new plugin “WP125 Reloaded”. Just post any feedback here.

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