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  • I have installed wp125 to my wordpress site, not a problem, that was easy. My issue is that there is NO information on what to do next! I am so frustrated that there is no screen shot with what to put into the fields. I am not familiar with html code. I have some code for the affiliate ads that I WANT to put in, but there is NOTHING showing how to do this (where the code starts and ends for the ‘link to’ and the ‘image’. I tried to figure it out but obviously didn’t put the code in right since when I dragged the widget to my side bar, all I saw was some garble and 2 ad boxes ‘advertise here’. Looking at it, I don’t even think they (4 ad squares) would fit in my side bar. I am using a Genesis ‘Prose’ theme.
    If I don’t get help on this, I’ll simply delete it and tell everyone I know that it is too complicated and has no clear instructions on how to make it work (based on the forum above, I’m not the only one). Does the developer not care enough to put up a video on Youtube and do a detailed walkthrough. If he/she did, they may find it would be used more. If not, then I don’t care either to use it and will tell others to save themselves the frustration. If I am missing something here, can someone help? If it works, then I will put up my own how-to video to save others the aggravation!
    Sorry for the rant, but I have wasted a lot of time trying to figure this out. If you put something out there for people to use then put up a step-by-step video tutorial!

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