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  • I have a local WordPress install that I’m trying to migrate to my live site ( The site works perfectly on Local, but when I migrate it to Live, the front page shows up blank. All sub-pages work fine on Live (e.g., and I can log into the dashboard fine too. The entire site worked fine with my previous host too.

    The steps I’ve taken to migrate are:
    1. Use WP Migrate DB to export the database from Local
    2. Create new DB on Live
    3. Import DB to Live
    4. Upload entire WordPress fileset to Live
    5. Update wp-config to Live DB credentials

    I’ve done successfully this with several other sites in the past (e.g. migrating from my previous host to Local, migrating a different site from Local to current host), and I can’t for the life of me figure out what the problem is here.

    I’ve tried some of the more obvious things mentioned in other posts about migration issues:
    – Activate Twentyten theme to rule out theme issues
    – Updating/disabling all plugins to rule out plugin issues
    – Reuploading the entire fileset to rule out corrupt file upload
    – Fiddling with front page and permalink settings

    None of these things helped. To me it seems like since it works fine on Local, it’s not a plugin/theme issue; since I’ve migrated the same way for a different site it’s not a host issue; since all nav/content on sub-pages works fine it’s not a DB issue.

    I’m out of ideas! Thoughts?

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  • Front page is working fine and showing a B&W candid photo of a good looking guy with fantastic bokeh effect behind.

    Thanks Abhishek. I actually just gave up on the whole migration project last night, blew away the installation and repopulated a fresh install from scratch, so that’s why it’s working again 🙂

    After doing all this, I discovered the reason for the original problem was a “bad” document root on DB export. My host had told me my root was something like “/home/user1232/public_html”, but when I reinstalled the new WP from scratch, I exported the working DB and the path was something more like “/servername/serverlocation/user1232/public_html”. While I guess technically those two roots are the same (?), apparently in terms of how the DB works they are not, so the homepage was messing up.

    I re-exported my old Local DB using the ‘actual’ document root, reimported, and the homepage worked fine. Trying a different migration tonight so we’ll see what happens now that I know the ‘actual’ root.

    You are welcome tbiggin : ) Nice to see that it has been fixed.

    While I guess technically those two roots are the same (?)

    Yes definitely. It is just how the server has been setup (just for your curiousness) :

    For future guidance, actually you can put a file named index.html inside the root to check in these situations. HTML if gets rendered on the browser, then delete it and put a index.php file (after renaming the default WordPress index.php to myindex.php or like that). So you filtered out – HTML works, PHP itself works, there is no issue with permalink, among the last things is the database path for your WordPress. Simply it can not find the full path. Other webpages are usually relative path, so they will work. This makes the work easy.

    Optional for advanced migration :

    We basically need only few tables and the uploads folder of WordPress database for restoration via PHPMyadmin and SFTP/FTP. Delete few wp tables and import the old same table backups over a new WP installation. It has the advantage of getting a fully fresh WordPress with all older posts just like in a more complex wish :

    You will see a list of sql backup needed.

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