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  • In the admin panel, there’s the option to designate a static landing page. There’s also the field to name the designated blog page if a static landing page is used.

    If a static landing page is designated but no page is set to be the designated blog page will that effectively allow WP to be used as a regular, non-blog website?


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  • You have to setup a page to use as a static page which will show in the front page dropdown option.

    Right. I understand that. So I set up a static landing page and call it Welcome (otherwise the blog page is the main page). In the next field below that you set the name of the page for the main posting (blog) page. Let’s call it Blog. So when you went onto this site you’d land on the Welcome page and Blog would appear on the page menu nav bar.

    On this site,, Welcome is set up as the landing page and blog is on the nav bar.
    On this site, there is no static landing page so the blog is the default landing page and blog doesn’t show up in the nav bar.

    What I’m wondering is if I set up ‘Welcome’ as the static landing page and I don’t set ‘Blog’ as the main posting page, will some empty page show up on the nav bar or will nothing show up. If an empty page will show up, that’s not what I want. If nothing will show up, that’d be good.


    Typically it will depend on how your theme’s nav bar is setup. But if you don’t have a dedicated blog page, then nothing should show up.

    OK, terrific. Thanks.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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