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    I activated WP 2.0.2 in the Yahoo Merchant solutions and everything else seems to be working. When users try to register, the registration script comes up and says it sent a password. The password never arrives.

    Yahoo’s backend supports php mail, and I have activated it in Yahoo. I also activated error logging and the error that I get when the registration mail “doesn’t” go through is:

    “From address not in member domain. Message not sent.”

    Yahoo, for anti-spam reasons I guess, requires that all email sent via php mail be from my domain. I have read through everything I could find in the support forums, but have been unable to find a fix for this. The fixes I did find have evidently already been incorporated into my latest version.

    Can anyone help, or point me in the right direction?

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    So, is the admin email from your domain?
    i.e. something @ unitedhypno. com?

    Also, 2.0.2 is NOT the latest version – Y is always behind with their updates (and sometimes they even modifiy it…). You’d be better to make a manual install or upgrade.



    Yes. the admin email was from my domain. I went through hours of troubleshooting until the wee hours of the morning yesterday. I dug a bit deeper this morning, and solved the issue just now.

    Here is the fix I used in case anyone else has this problem.

    1. Yahoo supports the PHP mail, but it first needs to be “activated”. This is quite simple to do. For Yahoo Samll Business users like me, you simply log into your webhosting then click on CREATE & UPDATE, then scroll down to PHP/Perl Mail, click on it and set-up the mail. The only thing you need to do is enter a “From” address and click “set default”. I also made sure I had a TMP directory in the root of webhosting so that I could view the mail error log.

    That doesn’t solve the issue, though it IS part of the solution. If you set up the error log as I did, and you try a test registration, my suspicion is that you’ll get the same thing I did at this point which is:

    “From address not in member domain. Message not sent.”

    What solved it for me after that was the following plugin:

    After installing the plugin, a new tab appears on the “Plug-in” page called “Login Register Options”. I went there and changed the “Admin From Address:” and *poof* it started working fine. Hope this works for anyone else who is having the issue.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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