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    Not sure what purpose this site serves, so would appreciate your comments and any advice you may offer.

    I am quite happy with the LiveJournal ( and community, but have owned this domain for a few years and used to fun a busy community there. It ended for reasons I needn’t go into. I could just drop it, but would prefer to make something useful out of it, so here it is.

    The prompt for my coming here and asking is that some nice peeps are registering with this WP site and I am not sure what to do with them (these are not spammers).

    WP is new to me – I am very uncertain how to go about things. Should I be upgrading users to some membership level? Should I be making member groups? Should I give them something useful to do? Do these need anything in order to comment? Will they be able to start their own blog, without my asking?

    See what I mean about not being familiar with WP – the techy stuff is ok, but I don’t know what I should or could be doing – releasing the full potential of a WP blog.

    So, as I say, any advice would be welcome.


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  • Maybe buddypress is the right was to go for you.

    Maybe: I installed it, then wondered what to do next. I use a plugin for Twitter and most comments are in LJ communities, so I am unconvinced even a forum would attract any attention (each LJ community is a forum). And i don’t have a FaceBook page/community. So what would buddypress provide that I don’t have already?

    Also, when I installed buddypress and had a look at it, it seemed to want me to mod files – it was quite a list – and I wasn’t sure that it was worth the effort (for the above reasons).

    History and archaeology forums have a record of attracting cranks, flat-earthers, atlantis-seekers, looters, fakes and frauds, political and religious nuts, all sorts. That’s why I use LJ communities and not just open the doors to the world as I have in the past. Trying to save the credulous can be a full-time business with no reward and a load of trouble.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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