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  1. Orbit Juice
    Posted 12 years ago #

    A couple things I would like to see...
    Admin Area

    1. An admin panel which can be configured easily to how the user wants it to look.
    2. The ability to turn off some parts of WP. For instance, Links and the "WordPress Bookmarklet" portion at the bottom of the post page. Not everyone uses them.
    3. Easier intergration of pinging Blogrolling and other blog services. Ie. a field to enter urls of addition services to ping, instead of having to hack up php files to get it to work.
    4. A working upload script
    5. A category drop down list on the post page instead of check boxes. For those of us that have a lot of categories it gets to be a long column that scrolls down into the "WordPress Bookmarklet" area. Which makes things look rather messy.
    6. In the edit menu, instead of listing the title and the entire entry, just list the title, and to edit the entry, click on the title. As it is right now, it's extremely messy and cumbersome
    7. Have the "View Site" button open the site in a new window
    8. Have the admin area rely less on CSS based buttons. And have basic menu links or a graphical menu
    9. On the post page and advanced editing page, place "Save" "Publish", etc buttons at the bottom. It doesn't make any sense having the "upload image", "trackback" and "edit timestamp" regions below the buttons that publish a post.
    10. Intead of having an "advanced editing" button on the post page, an option under options for ' "Advanced Editing" on or off' would be better. Sure it's only one click for each post. But, if you have to do it for every post, it gets to be a pain
    11. On the post page, if you're going to have a field for an except, might as well go the whole-9 and have a field of an extended entry also -- Or make an <!--excerpt--> tag so that text prior to it is considered an excerpt.
  2. Anonymous
    Posted 12 years ago #

    I second number 10. I like to specify the excerpt for each entry, and clicking an extra button every single time I want to add an entry is such a royal pain I honestly wish I'd never upgraded. I wouldn't mind, if I could bookmark the 'advanced editing' page, but I can't even do that.

  3. DarkHound
    Posted 12 years ago #

    I agree with all those points, I would add that I would like to see an administration menu block on the main site so that if I am logged in as admin I can have posting tools (just a list of links like post, control panel, etc) and such right there on the main page. Sort of like the way php-nuke handles it.

  4. Matt Mullenweg
    Posted 12 years ago #

    5 is fixed in the CVS. It's still checkboxes (how could you select multiple categories with a dropdown?) but it scrolls when it gets above a certain height.

  5. Orbit Juice
    Posted 12 years ago #

    MT has the ability to have multiple categories with a drop down.
    Also, instead of a drop down, a multiple selection listbox could be used.

  6. mamabean
    Posted 12 years ago #

    I have to agree with Allusion. I definitely prefer the interface in WP.

  7. Orbit Juice
    Posted 12 years ago #

    A very small portion of that point was focused on, and majority of it seems to be missed...
    5. A [category drop down list - Scrapped] different solution on the post page instead of check boxes. For those of us that have a lot of categories it gets to be a long column that scrolls down into the "WordPress Bookmarklet" area. Which makes things look rather messy.

  8. Matt Mullenweg
    Posted 12 years ago #

    OJ, it no longer scrolls over the rest of the page, it just scrolls within its own box. Try it out.

  9. Orbit Juice
    Posted 12 years ago #

    I posted these in here not for the benefit of myself, but, also for the benefit of others. You ever know, there could be other people that would like the "View Site" button to open ones site in a new window.
    I also don't think that asking for a working upload file script is "not liking the layout of things".
    Last I checked this was the "Requests and Feedback" and I believe that's what I posted, requests and feedback.
    I sincerely apologise for using this forum category for the reason exists. I hope I did not cause you any inconvenience.

  10. Alex King
    Posted 12 years ago #

    OJ - you're providing good feedback but the tone coming through is making me not want to read your posts. Also, you may want to note who the developers are and who the other users are - you don't have to argue with everyone, and some people are already agreeing with you. Just an FYI.

  11. Orbit Juice
    Posted 12 years ago #

    I understand your POV.
    But to be frank and as someone pointed out in another thread, this really isn't one of the more welcoming communities. I don't like to point fingers, but, Mike's post is a testament to this.
    I use the "Requests and Feedback" forum, for just that requests and feedback and I'm met with

    Let's not alter the CVS or distract the developers because you don't like the layout of things

    When someone is suggesting things for the improvement of a product, is that kind of rebuttle really warranted?
    Didn't think so.

  12. Alex King
    Posted 12 years ago #

    ...and the way you choose to respond (or not respond) is completely up to you and has a direct impact on the tone of the community.

  13. MisterX
    Posted 12 years ago #

    I meant to have dropdown_cats and get_archives behave the same or have 2 sets of functioins:

  14. WillM
    Posted 12 years ago #

    If people want new features, they should code them themselves and then offer them to the community. If they don't know how, they should learn. At the end of the day, this is open source software and if you want something changed it's up to you to change it. Yeah, the community gets snippy about feedback that isn't 100% positive, but when you think about it, who wouldn't?

  15. Orbit Juice
    Posted 12 years ago #


    There is a difference between "WordPress should" [fill in: work, not produce errors, display blog, etc] and "I want WordPress to..." [fill in: suit my skill level, use less CSS and look "prettier."]

    I was implicitly trying to say that one should exhibit appreciation for a great and free product and thus be a little less demanding.

    Just because I would like to see them, It doesn't necessarily mean I am looking for them in the next nightly release.
    As for "tone". Not coming from me, "A couple things I would like to see..." and "I demand to see them changes" are two totally opposite ends of the spectrum.
    Just because they are not relative to functionality and more towards ease of use, it doesn't make them any less a valid request or feedback.
    However, the more this thread continues... the more it becomes evident as to just to how unfriendly this community can be.
    I used MT for over a year - and spent a lot of time in the support forums there asking and providing help and suggesting ideas for improvements. Not once did I run into a hullabaloo like this thread has turned into.

  16. NuclearMoose
    Posted 12 years ago #

    Bah, this thread is NOTHING, dude. You should have seen the thread where Cena told me that my new antlers made me look fat. :)

  17. MisterX
    Posted 12 years ago #

    you guys should chill yo! :)

  18. pezastic
    Posted 12 years ago #

    Mister X is right. I see no reason to slam someone for simply providing a list of wishes for WP. It is my understanding that WP wouldn't be what it is without them. I read no offensive "tone" in OrbitJuice's post, nor any malicious intent.

  19. ThatAdamGuy
    Posted 12 years ago #

    Excellent ideas, OJ!
    I'm particularly fond of numbers 3 and 6 myself :)

  20. michelv
    Posted 12 years ago #

    Points 1 and 8 are not compatible.
    Using CSS is the key to making the admin area quite customisable. If the admin area relied less on CSS, you would have to edit the PHP files to make your changes. Do you want to apply these changes on any given new release, or just backup your wp-admin.css?
    Point 2 is a non-issue.
    If you want to disable some features for users who may never use them, you are free to distribute a "WordPress Lite" flavour of WP, as long as it's released under the GPL.
    The changes to make these areas disappear would be trivial, but really do we need one more configuration option to save 120px of text and 50px of menu link? :)
    Point 3 is coming, though not in this fashion.
    After all, what about the services that do not use the weblogs.com ping format?
    Point 4 is not a wishlist item, it's a required fix.
    You can help with that by testing and reporting just what goes wrong, how it goes wrong, and in which situation. This is applicable to other areas of WP, of course.
    Point 5 is also a matter of accessibility.
    Multiple-lines, multiple-choices dropdown boxes are unintuitive. The user has to know that she can CTRL-click to add a choice. A overflow:scroll div with checkboxes is easier: one click, no modifier key involved. In both cases you get to scroll a box, so I concede both approaches are as cumbersome in that respect.
    Point 6 is a viable suggestion.
    Maybe we should have templates for the Edit area? This way users could edit that listing to behave just like they want it to.
    Point 7 is a matter of knowing how to use your webbrowser.
    Right-click, open as a new window.
    Point 9 is a matter of priorities.
    Uploading a file, trackbacking a set of posts, modifying the timestamp, are all optional actions, this is why they get to be below the submit buttons. The goal is not to drown the user below optional fields.
    Point 10 is coming.
    Point 11 is already covered by the <!--more--> tag.

  21. WillM
    Posted 12 years ago #

    11. It was always my impression that the <!--more--> tag has nothing to do with the excerpt field, unless you manually cut and paste the text that comes before the tag into the excerpt box. Which involves you having to go into the advanced editing screen. So an option that allowed you to specify the teaser text as the excerpt by default would be nice.

  22. Anonymous
    Posted 12 years ago #

    I am only posting this in order to test whether my thread has been "closed" or whether I have been debarred completely. The issue has been my posts in Installation. Sorry to have troubled you.
    Best Wishes

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