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  • Quick SMS is a WordPress Widget which allows visitors to your blog to send SMS direct to your mobile. This could be useful for anyone who tends to blog on the move & wants instant feedback – think event reporting. Alternatively, perhaps you just want another way for strangers to say nice things.

    This plugin is powered by Teleflip’s free email to SMS gateway. At the moment this works with North American mobiles only, but watch this space!

    Click here for download & installation instructions.

    I may look into a creating a full comment to SMS plugin if there is interest. Feedback as always is what it’s all about.

    (P.S. That’s 3 weeks, 3 plugins! What should I do next? 🙂

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  • Quick SMS v2.0

    Networks in the United States, UK, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Austria & Australia are now supported. Check directory for all supported networks.

    Click here for download & installation instructions.

    This is the final stable release of Quick SMS, development is now focused on developing SMS Comments, an SMS comment notification plugin with spam protection.

    Final Update (again!) On request the plugin now includes support for use as a non-widget for those that prefer it that way.

    Automatically switches between widget/non-widget versions depending on whether the Sidebar Widgets plugin is installed.

    I discussed the great opportunity to interlink blogs and mobile text messaging I have now implemented a very basic solution on my blog.

    Setup: I used a Enfora SA GSM Modem and along with SQL2GSM Software was able to implement a simple forwarding rule, which, when a Text Message is recieved with a prefix of “blog”, will interact with my WordPress Database to add a blog comment.

    How to Comment: Blog readers can send a text to my number on the blog, starting with the word “blog” followed by the blog post ID (end number of post url), a colon and then the comment message, for example “blog 126: Hello World”.

    The text message above will post a comment to this blog (entry 126). You will then shortly recieve a “Thank you for your comment.” reply and your text message will appear in the blog comments.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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