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  • Please, just point me in the right direction if this is not the place for this question.

    I use Facebook Connect to manage my FB fan page. On the WP create a page, there is a FC button that will insert a code for an unliked page:

    [fbnotliked]Insert Your “UNLIKED” Content Here[/fbnotliked]

    When I clicked FC, the code appeared at the top of my page. I have an image that goes on that page. In short, I’m not sure of how to set this up: where this code should be inserted; how to get to the liked page; and then ensure that fans only see the liked page. Info on FB forum doesn’t appear up to date to use iframe. And since I use FC, not sure where to go for help.

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  • Found the answer myself. But if anyone else has a similar question, you’ll find it under Fanpage Connect.

    I just want to add that WP and FC are awesome!!!!

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