• After spending the past few hours getting a blog upgraded, I was considering switching ALL my blogs to WP.

    But I have some questions.

    I have a domain with five different blogs on it. Can I have more than one blog with WP?

    I have TWO domain names and with MT, that means TWO MTs. Can I have more than one WP?

    Can I transfer my current layout to WP and how difficult is that?

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  • Currently, the only way to have multiple blogs is to have multiple installs. You could check out the MU version for a multi-blog effort.

    It is very easy to have more than one WP. You can even have them use the same database with a simple extra step during configuration.

    Some would say transferring layouts is easy. Others would say it’s hard. It all depends on how much you know about your layout and the way it works, HTML, CSS, and how easily you can learn WP’s theme system.

    I have one “official’ blog on my domain, then a testblog, another one just converted from GM, plus I host the blog of a friend – all on the same domain. And as Avenir said: they are all separate installs, sometimes using the same database with a different prefix.
    And if you have 10 domains you can have 10 WPs 🙂

    If you understand how the theme system works in WP and know some CSS then you might try to transfer your layout. Or you can just look around: there are more than 200 themes now out there. Maybe you can find one that you like.

    Yup, got about 15 or so WP blogs running on my server from 5 different domains (one of them has 10 subdomains, each with a WP install, all using the same DB). That part’s easy.

    Never tried migrating a layout from MT to WP though…

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    Just want to back up these guys. WP installs? Most of us have got hatfuls. All over. 🙂

    I always expect these MT users to come back saying “more than 3 and it’s still free?!” 🙂

    Hmm. I only have 5 wp blogs in my sub-domains… I thought I had lots of them… anyway.

    I installed one in my domain, and the other 4 are either sub-domains that are only blogs or I installed wp blogs into a sub-folder in a sub-domain.

    So it is possible.

    I’d note on this that although there are attempts to set up a Multiple blog version of WP you are always safer having a seperate install for each, when I use to run MT I have multiple blogs and its makes things difficult if you go to move a blog or sell it, where as if they are all stand alone you haven’t got the same problem

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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