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  1. borzoid
    Posted 5 years ago #

    OK so maybe I'm missing something or need to change my forum settings but in searching the community forums from wordpress.org's search box I waste a whole bunch of time filtering through very old posts.

    I know that in the post there is a box to select the wordpress version so why can't that be put in the post title like Sticky and other options. ie [3.04]

    With all the code changes posts from 2-4 years ago can be pretty useless and even if they aren't I wouldn't know that and would be afraid to use any solutions posted in topics that old. I don't want to see them but short of filtering them out completely maybe the label would help. If that can't be done - at the very least make the answers show by date, not relevance and maybe make the date posted more prominent. This would save soo much time.

  2. Yeah, the search sucks. Having it show by date, with the last updated date in the desc, is on the (massive) want list :/

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