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  • Hi ,
    I have encounter some problem using WP ver 2.1.3

    1) In my website ( files. The WP ver 2.1.3 shown I have two “Archives” folder, it mean I have two “archives.php” files, I can’t find the “Categories” folder in Theme files. In my actual website it shown there is a Categories and Archives . When I keep update my post, my previous post was become in Archives folder.

    2)When I plugin the “Sociable.php” file into my website and when I activeted the Sociable ib plugin menu , the bookmarklets was not shown in my wp blog.

    Pls advice what should I do?

    Thanks !
    Winson Peh

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  • With that theme, you have an archive.php and archives.php template files. The archive.php is used to display posts when you click on for example, Archives: May 2007 or Categories: Gardening Tools. It is working the way it is supposed to work. The template, archives.php is meant to be assigned to a Page as the Page Template. Please see Stepping into Templates and Template Hierarchy for a better explanation.

    Please review the instructions for Sociable installation from

    To install, unzip it, and upload the sociable folder (not just the files in it!) in your wp-contents/plugins folder. In your WordPress administration, go to the Plugins page to Activate the Sociable plugin and a subpage for Sociable will appear in your Options menu. The sites that are on by default have sponsored Sociable, so keeping them turned on is a great way for you to support Sociable. Thanks!

    Hi Michael,
    How about the Archives folder shown in my Theme?

    The problem is in my WP administtration –> Presentation
    –> Theme editor, it shown I have two “Archives” floder in my Theme file, there is no “Categories” floder or categories.ccs file. When I post it, in my Blog ( it shown there is a Categories and when I click on the either one of my post in the categories it shown the post was under Archives.

    Pls look into this problem. I guess could be the code problem. I did remove the WP and reinstall it by using C-Panel , it is still the same.

    Pls advise what should I do.

    Thank you !


    Regarding the install of Sociable.php. I did everything as what you have mentioned in your reply, Problem is when I go to the options, I could not see a subpage for Sociable will appear in my Options menu. My option menu only shown me the sub page for : ” General ,writing , Reading , discussion , privacy, permalinks and miscellaneous. “.

    Are you referring to the WP-Administration –> option menu ? As I’m new to WP..will appreciate yu can provide me more detail instruction.

    Pla advise. Thank you !

    Hi Michael,
    Sorry I did not get your reply on the 1st part of the question I asked early regarding the Two Archives. I will visite WP Templates and Template Hierarchy for a better understanding. Pls ignore my request on this subject. Thank you !


    As for Socialable, you should see the Sociable tab under Options. Deactivate the plugin, then delete the wp-content/plugins/socialble folder, then reupload the plugin and reactivate.

    I have encounter some problem recently on version 2.1.3 WP.
    when I start to create a new post , WP suppose to have two window during writing a post, one is in normal text file and the other is convert the text file to HTML code. But now is only shown me one window for html code. Can you tell me how can I switch to normal text file window ? Thank you !


    In your Profile check the “Use the visual editor when writing” box.

    Administration > Profile > Your Profile

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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