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    I think it is becoming apparent that many of us are using 1.5 and we have similar expectations about its functionality as we do with 1.2.2. This is WRONG.

    It’s been said many times that using 1.5 may cause headaches and be a royal PITA at times. This has proven to be the case. This should not come as a surprise to anyone with experience working with beta version software.

    I think that we need to understand that when using 1.5, our energy should be focussed on finding issues in the core/default applications.

    A lot of effort is going in to help people who are already implementing hacks and plugins and all kinds of customization into a WP version that is still very much in flux.

    There are issues that are definite bugs with the default install. They need to be addressed; however, the amount of noise going on around 1.5 is starting to make things unproductive in this forum. Speaking strictly for myself, I will no longer try to support any issues with 1.5 that are not related to a default install. We need to find the bugs, and have the code developers working on those things, and not being bothered by “how do I get my hack/plugin to work?”

    WordPress is unlike most projects I have ever been involved with. There are no limits on access to version updates. SixApart had a controlled, and LIMITED beta program for TypePad. I was a part of it, in fact. My point is that the open-door policy of WP and its alpha/beta/release candidate versions is a blessing, but it’s not without it’s pain.

    Anyway, I had some time on my hands, so I thought I would just ramble on for a bit. 🙂

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  • Perhaps if there were not so much hype surrounding 1.5 and so many plugin and theme developers developing exclusively for it this would not be a problem. Virtually every WordPress blog I come across seems to have a post announcing their upgrade to 1.5 beta.

    Personally, I think 1.2.2 is pretty decent software and am in no hurry to dump it in favour of a flaky beta. I’m willing to wait till 1.5 is finished, however long it takes. But I can see why people who want to use the latest plugins are rushing ahead.

    I don’t see hype. I see lots of people using the beta releases and talking about it. It’s not as though WordPress has run a Windows 95-esque advertising campaign. It’s all been word of mouth.

    User-generated hype is still hype.

    It would be fantastic if posts to the beta discussion topic were not displayed on the front page of the forum. I know it doubles the number of places moderators need to look, but it might be less confusing/frustrating for people not using 1.5.

    Why should faithful 1.2.x users who are not interested in ‘beta garbage’ but who are looking for help with something have to try and figure out which version some topic applies to?

    Support 1.2.x first (core and features, as normal).
    Support 1.5 beta core issues second – and only in the beta forum.
    Support 1.5 extras… well – at the site of the author of the extra, I’d say, but others may disagree.

    Good idea. Moderators shouldn’t be answering 1.5 questions anyway, that’s the job of the developers. If people don’t get their 1.5 question answered quickly, maybe they’ll get the message 🙂

    I’m tired of having to ask which version people are using before I can attempt to answer their questions. If all 1.5 questions could be put in the beta forum and beta forum posts not shown on the front page it would be much less confusing for everyone.

    I understand your comments about “not answering their questions quickly” but with the way this forum is now set up, I can see people bumping their posts constantly until they get the attention they want. I guess at that point they could always be deleted…

    Not sure of the appropriate solution. Keep the ideas coming, people.

    Not an important point, but I didn’t mean the moderators are needed to answer questions. I meant they are needed to moderate the posts.

    NOTE: The below all relates to 1.5 issues so do not read further if this annoys you.

    1.5 is great and the developers want people to use it. If not, why is it available to anyone and everyone?

    I totally agree that those people who use the stable version 1.2.2 are well within their rights not to answer any questions relating to 1.5

    Perhaps every single post title should include a version number at the beginning and in that way, anyone who is not interested in issues with newer versions can simply ignore the post. Of course the same applies the other way as well.

    On a personal note: I do not think I am a criminal most of the time and I hope I am not seen in that light just because I have opted to use a beta or alpha version of some software which is freely offered.

    I know the risks. I certainly do not ‘expect’ people to get me out of any mess I fall into by using the latest nightlies and I always try and sort things out by myself first.

    Having said that, there are a large number of people who are in exactly the same boat and simply want to exchange ideas and help one another.

    I’m sorry but if that is upsetting to others then I hope you can get over it.

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