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  • acmepixel


    There is a confirmed issue with the new WP v3.0 Menu Feature. My two hosted servers have a 32MB per-script RAM limit. WP v3 will only allow for a maximum 15 menu items with this RAM limit. Which is very, inefficient code.

    The GraphPaperPress themes have a Navigation Legacy option which allows for almost unlimited Menus on the same 32MB server, also running WP 3.0.

    I am forced to use this Legacy Navi feature until the WP v3.0 problem is fixed.

    The developers at GraphPaperPress also tested this on different servers and concluded that, only servers with very high RAM limits, per script call, could handle more than 15 menu items. Top menus, sub menus, nested menus, does not matter, on a server with a script limit of 32MB per script, 15 menus it the maximum. Anything over will be truncated.

    WP 3 is becoming a bit of a RAM hog. I reverted my primary site to WP v2.9.2 for now.


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  • esmi


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    This appears to be a server config issue:



    Thanks for looking into this esmi.

    In the cases investigated by myself and the developers at Graph Paper Press, the problem seemed to be the amount of RAM required to process a single script, it now goes over the normal limits when more than 15 menu items are selected. My servers have a 32MB limit and that should be fine. So this is very curious.

    Upon further investigation, we found this;
    Which gave us the clue that it might be memory but maybe not.

    I’ll look into the “max variables” limit and see if that is the problem. But my feeling is that, it was never a problem before. It seems this one new feature is taking up too many resources and needs to be optimized to run on standard servers. Like I mentioned above, I can have unlimited menus with GraphPaperPress themes using their legacy menus. But the new WP 3 Menus will not allow the exact same set of menus on the exact same theme on the same server, with all plugins loaded and also with all plugins turned off. ??

    I appreciate the insight from the link you posted. I’ll also pass it along to the GPP developers, who would also be interested in a solution as some of their new themes depend on the new Menus feature. They always dread having to require their customers contact their Hosts to change server settings.

    But I am not a code person, I’m an artist. So I’ll need to know what to ask for when I contact my server hosting company.
    Here is the link to my site’s page;
    Could you please take a look at it and tell me which variable(s) you think I should ask to have changed? There are 4 instances of “max_vars” and I have no idea which one (or all?) need to be changed. My server has “post max_vars” and “request max_vars” each set to 200. Should I ask to have them set to 300, or perhaps higher?

    Your help in this is most appreciated.

    Thanks, again,



    Did a little more research and found that there is indeed a problem with the WP 3, 256MB memory requirement.
    But there’s no mention on the Requirements page;

    The new Menu function is Ajax driven? and needs more RAM.
    Plugins like NextGen Gallery fail if the server does not have it’s RAM requirements increased to meet the new demand. Although the developer said we could get by with an increase from 32MB to 64MB and it should work fine.

    256 MB Memory Requirement For WordPress 3.0?

    In addition we need to increase the Suhosin limits on the server.

    Lots of things to test before I upgrade my live site to WP 3.

    Moderator James Huff


    There is absolutely no 256MB memory requirement. A function in WP attempts to increase the available memory, if necessary, up to a maximum of 256MB. This is not a requirement, and WordPress 3.0 actually uses less memory than 2.9.2.



    That’s good news.

    So it’s probably just the Suhosin settings then?
    Is there a recommended new setting for post and request max_vars?



    I am having issues with my WP 3 menu. I have 26 items and it will NOT add a 27th.

    When I try to insert an item into the structure now, it will remove the last item.

    Please help.

    @mishimasan I have a similar problem as well but more like 40 some items and it bumps the last item up to the top navigation. Ideas anyone?

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